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World's Edge is a map introduced in Season 3.svg Season 3 located on the planet Talos.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The once uninhabitable world of Talos became a hotbed of IMC activity when a rare mineral compound was discovered beneath its surface. Heat-reducing towers were built to super-cool its natural lava flows, and the town of World’s Edge grew around them. Decades ago, an explosion in one of the towers covered the surrounding area in a lethal flash freeze. Today, World’s Edge is deserted, its borders inhabited by a small community of hunters who reportedly spurn modern technology.

After the Repulsor attack on King's Canyon and the various attempts to rebuild it proved too much trouble than they were worth, the games were moved to World's Edge.

Sorting Factory, located in this arena, was the site of the murder of James "The Forge" McCormick, an incoming legend, by a mysterious figure. Afterward, the entrance of Hammond Robotics' Planetary Harvester into the arena changed its landscape, devastating Capitol City and opening up lava fissures.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Name Loot Tier Description
Drill Site Mid Tier Drill Site is a small settlement located west of Hill Valley, south of Skyhook and Uncharted Territories and east of Lava Fissure. The buildings in this area are laid out in a circle with a terraforming drill tower in the middle.
East Fragment Mid Tier
Harvester Mid Tier A huge multi-story structure on the center of the map with lots of entrance and exit points on multiple levels along with long corridors.
Hill Valley Low Tier Hill Valley is a crossroad for players coming from West Fragment, The Train Yard, Skyhook and Drill Site. There is a terraforming drill located on its northern side that acts as a watchtower of sorts, giving you a great vantage point. Otherwise, the area is just hills with loot bins scattered around (most on the tunnel going to Skyhook.)
Hot Springs Mid Tier
Lava City High Tier
Lava Fissure High Tier
Mirage Voyage High Tier A Supply Ship with a lot of loot and a lot of Mirage decoys. At the bar section the disco ball is actually a cargo pod, you can spawn two more cargo pods by starting the party on the upper deck of the ship.
Overlook High Tier
Skyhook High Tier
Sorting Factory High Tier
Sniper's Ridge High Tier This area overlooks Uncharted Territories and Skyhook. A couple of bins in this area are guaranteed to spawn snipers or sniper attachments.
Spring's End Mid Tier
Survey Camp Contains Weapon Racks.
Thermal Station High Tier Thermal Station is a large area on the southwest of the map that is essentially divided into four zones: the central drill area, the small group of houses on its western edge, the larger village on its southern edge and the Thermal Station Train Station to its eastern edge. It is located west of The Tree and south of Hot Springs and The High Ground.
The Bridge Low Tier The Bridge is a Railway Bridge located between Train Depot, Lava Fissure and Harvester. It overlooks Spring's End and the Mirage Voyage.
The Dome High Tier
The Epicenter High Tier The Epicenter is a large drill tower that was the source of the "Meltdown" accident that lead to the abandonment of World's Edge. Its frozen central tower can easily be seen as far as Hill Valley.
The Geyser High Tier The Geyser is a small facility to the east of the map with its namesake Geyser, which can be used like a Jump Tower, located in the middle. It is located south of Underpass, east of The Ridge and Sorting Factory and north of Lava City.
The Mining Pass Low Tier Mining Pass is a small tunnel from The Train Yard. It also contains a Vault.
The Ridge Mid Tier
The Rain Tunnel Low Tier The Rain Tunnel is a T-Shaped train tunnel located in the north of the map. Its western entrance goes to Skyhook, while its eastern and southern entrances go to Survey Camp and West Fragment respectively.
The Train High Tier The Train runs along the tracks around World's Edge and have a high chance of spawning high-tier loot, including at least two Body Shield.svg Epic Body Shields and a Golden Weapon.
The Tree High Tier
The Train Yard High Tier
Uncharted Territories Low Tier
Underpass Mid Tier
West Fragment Mid Tier West Fragment is the remnants of Capitol City after the devastation wrought about by the arrival of the Planet Harvester. It contains most of the former Capitol City including one of the large Parking lots and eight of its buildings.

Former Locations[edit | edit source]

Name Loot Tier Description Current Location
Capitol City Mid Tier Split into West Fragment and East Fragment.
Fuel Depot Mid Tier Destroyed by the Harvester.
The High Ground Mid Tier Destroyed by the Harvester.

Map features[edit | edit source]

Main article: Map Features
  • Ziplines: Yellow highlighted zip lines are set between certain locations across the map. Players can use them to travel between points across large distances and are activated with the Interact Key. They come in two variants: vertical, which only carry the player up; and horizontal, bi-directional lines that can carry players far distances. Players are able to drop off with the Jump Key and reconnect to zip-lines at any time. Zip-lines that are part of the map is permanently connected with tall zip-line poles or are connected directly into the environment. Horizontal zip-lines can be traveled across in either direction, regardless of incline. Also, note that Pathfinder is able to create zip-lines with his ultimate ability, but can only establish them up to a certain distance and only horizontally. Players cannot interact with zip lines while downed. Wraith cannot use zip-line while activating her ultimate or tactical ability, as both of her arms are occupied.
  • Balloons: High altitude red balloons, connected by a vertical zip-line, are scattered throughout the map. Interacting with one of these air balloons will send your legend up the zip line and automatically deploy your glide upon reaching the top, allowing you to traverse the map quickly. You can drop off of the balloon zip-line at any time by pressing the jump key, but this will not deploy your glide.
  • Geysers: Geysers are similar to Balloons, in which you re-launch into the sky, but work much faster.
  • Lava: Found frequently on the south side of the map, walking on lava deals about 15 damage per second.
  • Doors: Metal doors typically come in single or double pairs, with large, unbreakable doors being present in certain areas. Doors can be opened and closed by pressing the interact key, or by shooting the handle with Heavy Ammo weapons. Regular doors can open by being kicked open by using a melee attack on them and broken by melee twice. Bullets do not go through doors but doors can be destroyed by explosive damage or kicking them down.
  • Train: The train moves along a rail which encompasses most of the map. There are several supply bins on the train, and at the front is a control panel that can be used to stop the train at any time.
  • Respawn Beacons: Respawn Beacons are scattered all across the map so that players may respawn dead teammates, as long as at least one squad member has retrieved their banner. Respawn beacons are a one-use feature but up to two team members may be respawned at once. Respawn Beacons can be used by any player, but once used, is deactivated for the rest of the match. These beacons are often surrounded by 1-3 supply bins in order to resupply the respawned teammate. To activate a beacon, hold the interact key while close to it, and after a few seconds teammate will be airlifted in. Unlike while looting a death box, the player cannot strafe while activating the beacon, much like reviving a downed teammate.
  • Hot Zone: At the start of each match, a random location on the map is designated as a Hot Zone, indicated by a pulsing blue circle marker. Indicating that, around that area, there will be higher quality loot and a chance of finding a Golden Weapon.
  • Supply Bins: Found throughout the map, supply bins are a common source of loot alongside ground loot, supply drops, and the supply ship. These supply bins carry between 1 and 4 items ranging from healing items, grenades, armor, or weapons and their respective ammo. Ordnance is found in groups of 1 while ammo and heals can be found in stacks with the double of their original amounts. In certain areas, Supply bins are on an elevator-like mechanic. These bins will be available for a certain time before going back into the ground.
  • Cargo Bots: Cargo Bots fly around the map carrying orbs that cycle through Blue, Purple, and Gold colors. When shot, it will drop the orb, which contains loot appropriate to the color it was when shot. Some cargo bots also give off Red lights, indicating that they will drop a Vault Key.svg Vault Key.
  • Vaults: Vaults are locked rooms full of Epic and Legendary loot. They can only be accessed with a Vault Key.svg Vault Key from a Cargo-Bot, and take three seconds to unlock.
  • Weapon Racks: Weapon Racks hold a single gun. However, this feature guarantees a gun where they are located as opposed to just dropping and picking up random loot.

Former Layouts[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]