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The R-301 Carbine, an assault rifle.

Weapons are the primary method of dealing damage in Apex Legends. Legends do not drop with any weapons and must pick them from the ground, though there are certain game modes that allow pre-determined loadouts. A Legend can carry up to two guns at a time.

Types of weapons[edit | edit source]

Normal weapons[edit | edit source]

Normal weapons include ARs, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, snipers, and pistols. They can be upgraded with attachments. Despite all being Common rarity, there is great disparity in their strength and spawn rates. For example, the Mozambique Shotgun is abundant but weak, while the Mastiff Shotgun is much more powerful but harder to find.

Fully kitted weapons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fully kitted weapons

Fully kitted weapons are Legendary versions of Common weapons that are equipped with the highest quality of all their attachments. The attachments cannot be removed.

Supply drop weapons[edit | edit source]

Supply drop weapons are Heirloom rarity weapons that can only be found in neutral Care Packages. They have limited ammo that cannot be replenished.

Other weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Throwable weapons: Grenades are throwable weapons. Unlike guns, they take up the item slots in the inventory, and are also classified as consumables.
  • Melee weapons: Legends do not possess a melee weapon by default, as they just use their fists. However, by obtaining a Legend's Heirloom Set, players can equip that Legend's personalized melee weapon skin. Melee weapons are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay.

List of guns[edit | edit source]

Assault Rifles[edit | edit source]

Sub machine guns[edit | edit source]

"Sub machine gun" is an incorrect spelling of submachine gun. "Sub" is a prefix and therefore should be part of the word (e.g. "submarine"). This wiki is intentionally using the incorrect spelling because that is how SMG is being spelled in the game.

Light machine guns[edit | edit source]

Sniper rifles[edit | edit source]

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Pistols[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Icon Weapon Class Ammo Body damage Head damage Legs damage Base mag size Base mag damage capacity Body DPS RPM Firemodes
Havoc Icon.png
HAVOC Rifle AR Energy Ammo.svg Energy 18 36 14 24 432 202 672 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Flatline Icon.png
VK-47 Flatline AR Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy 19 38 14 20 380 190
Auto Icon.svg Auto
Single-fire Icon.svg Single
G7 Scout Icon.png
G7 Scout AR Light Rounds.svg Light 34 60 26 10 340 141.67 250 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Burst Icon.svg Burst (2)
Hemlok Icon.png
Hemlok Burst AR AR Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy 20 35 15 18 360 214.29
Burst Icon.svg Burst (3)
Single-fire Icon.svg Single
R-301 Icon.png
R-301 Carbine AR Light Rounds.svg Light 14 28 11 18 252 189
Auto Icon.svg Auto
Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Alternator Icon.png
Alternator SMG SMG Light Rounds.svg Light 15 23 12 19 285 150 600 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Prowler Icon.png
Prowler Burst PDW SMG Supply Drop Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy
15 23 12 35 525 200 670 ±30
Burst Icon.svg Burst (5)
Auto Icon.svg Auto
R-99 Icon.png
R-99 SMG SMG Light Rounds.svg Light 11 17 9 20 220 198 1080 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Volt Icon.png
Volt SMG SMG Energy Ammo.svg Energy 16 24 13 19 304 208.8 783 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Devotion Icon.png
Devotion LMG LMG Energy Ammo.svg Energy 16 32 13 36
192 685 ±35 from ?300 in 1.2s Auto Icon.svg Auto
Spitfire Icon.png
M600 Spitfire LMG Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy 18 36 14 35
162 540 Auto Icon.svg Auto
L-Star Icon.png
L-STAR EMG LMG Energy Ammo.svg Energy 18 36 14 414
180 600 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Charge Rifle Icon.png
Charge Rifle Sniper Sniper Ammo.svg Sniper 3×15 + 45 4×15 + 56 3x15 + 45 8 360 45 30 Single-fire Icon.svg Single (2)
Longbow Icon.png
Longbow DMR Sniper Sniper Ammo.svg Sniper 55 110
44 6 330 64.17 70 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Kraber Icon.png
Kraber .50-Cal Sniper Sniper Supply Drop Sniper Ammo.svg Sniper 145 435 116 4 580 87 36 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Sentinel Icon.png
Sniper Sniper Ammo.svg Sniper 70
4 280
40 ‭37.5 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Triple Take Icon.png
Triple Take Sniper Sniper Ammo.svg Sniper 23×3 46×3 21×3 6 414 101.2
88 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Eva-8 Icon.png
EVA-8 Auto Shotgun Shotgun Shells.svg Shotgun 7×9 10×9 6×9 8 504 118.65 ±1 --13.2 113 ±1 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Burst Icon.svg Burst (2)
Mastiff Icon.png
Mastiff Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun Shells.svg Shotgun 13×8 16×8 13×8 6 624 166.4 96 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Mozambique Icon.png
Mozambique Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun Shells.svg Shotgun 15×3
4 180 95.25 ±13 --31.75 127 ±18 Auto Icon.svg Auto
Peacekeeper Icon.png
Peacekeeper Shotgun Supply Drop Shotgun Shells.svg Shotgun 10×11 15×11 8×11 5 660 88 48 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Re-45 Icon.png
RE-45 Auto Pistol Light Rounds.svg Light 12 16 10 16 192 156 780 Auto Icon.svg Auto
P2020 Icon.png
P2020 Pistol Light Rounds.svg Light 15
12 180 127.5 510 Single-fire Icon.svg Single
Wingman Icon.png
Pistol Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy 45 90
41 5 225 112.5 150 Single-fire Icon.svg Single

Weapon statistics[edit | edit source]

Weapons have different statistics, and some of them can be altered by equipping attachments.

Main article: Ammo

Each weapon has its ammo type which indicates which type of ammo it accepts. There are five types: Light Rounds.svg Light Rounds, Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy Rounds, Energy Ammo.svg Energy Ammo, Shotgun Shells.svg Shotgun Shells, and Sniper Ammo.svg Sniper Ammo. Each ammo type has a different chance of spawning with some being rarer than the others, and they always spawn beside a weapon of the same type.

Bullet drop

Most weapons in the game fire projectiles that drop over time. Weapons that use Heavy Rounds.svg Heavy Rounds tend to have a more pronounced drop; weapons that use Energy Ammo.svg Energy Ammo are the least affected by bullet drop. Hitscan weapons do not have bullet drop; they have damage falloff instead.

Bullet slow

Weapons inflict a 10% slow upon their targets for 0.25 seconds, and this can only happen once every 3 seconds. This does not apply to Legends with Fortified.svg Fortified.


The reduction of a weapon's spread while aiming down sights. Not all weapons have a choke feature. The Triple Take and Peacekeeper are unique in that their choke builds over time, and they can turn choke off.

Damage falloff

Hitscan weapons (currently only the Charge Rifle) have damage falloff in which, after a set distance, the damage is reduced the further away the target is.

Firing modes

These are the different ways a gun can shoot. Some weapons have two modes that can be switched:

  • Auto Icon.svg Auto - the gun fires continuously as long as the trigger is held;
  • Single-fire Icon.svg Single - the gun fires once per trigger pull;
  • Burst Icon.svg Burst - the gun fires multiple times per trigger pull.

The EVA-8 Auto and G7 Scout can change to Burst using a Double Tap Trigger.svg Double Tap Trigger Hop-Up.


How fast the weapon can be taken out and put away. Heavier guns (e.g. LMGs) are slower than lighter guns (e.g. pistols). It can be improved with a Standard Stock.svg Standard Stock or a Sniper Stock.svg Sniper Stock, or the Quickdraw Holster.svg Quickdraw Holster Hop-Up.

Head- and leg shot multipliers

Weapons have headshot and leg shot multipliers that increase or decrease the damage dealt, respectively. If the result is a fraction, it rounds to the nearest whole number.

  • Head: Headshots increase the damage dealt. Helmet.svg Helmets can lower the damage taken.
  • Legs: Leg shots lower the damage dealt. This does not apply for Legends with Low Profile.png Low Profile.
Magazine size

A weapon's ammo capacity. It can be increased using extended mag attachments, but the attachment is different for each ammo type.

Movement penalty

All guns slow players down. Heavier guns (e.g. LMGs) slow more than lighter guns (e.g. pistols).

In addition, weapons futher reduce movement speed while aiming down sights, with the amount depending on the weapon. Snipers, at 65%, have the greatest ADS movement penalty.

Muzzle flash

The minor blinding effect the shooter receives while firing a weapon. It can be reduced with a Level 4 Barrel Stabilizer.svg Barrel Stabilizer.


The amount of physical recoil per shot that should be compensated for. It can be reduced with a Barrel Stabilizer.svg Barrel Stabilizer.

RPM acceleration

RPM Acceleration denotes the speed at which a weapon shifts from its slowest to the fastest rate of fire. It can be upgraded with a Turbocharger.svg Turbocharger, and currently only the Devotion LMG and HAVOC Rifle utilizes such mechanic.

Rate of fire

How fast a gun can shoot. For shotguns, it can be modified with a Shotgun Bolt.svg Shotgun Bolt.


The precision of a weapon. The Quickdraw Holster.svg Quickdraw Holster Hop-Up can reduce hip-fire spread.

Weapon sway

The sway of a weapon while idling. It can be modified with a Standard Stock.svg Standard Stock or a Sniper Stock.svg Sniper Stock.

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