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Valk's Render.png
Soaring Aviator
Real Name Unknown
Datamined Abilities
Tactical Ability Cluster Missile
Passive Ability VTOL Jets
Ultimate Ability Skyward

Valk is a datamined Offensive Legend Icon.svg Offensive Legend.

Datamined Abilties[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • VTOL Jets is likely inspired from the Hover and VTOL Hover abilities from Titanfall 2, which allow Pilots and Titans to hover in the air, respectively.
  • An older datamining attempt uncovered an ability called Afterburners which, after the initial drop, allowed Valk and her team to skydive faster.
    • The description of this ability used the pronoun "her" which confirms Valk's gender as female.

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