The Ring

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Mirage escaping The Ring.

The Ring is a frequently shrinking circular zone, outside of which players will take constant damage. As the game progresses in Rounds, the ring will deal more damage and shrink to smaller and smaller sizes until the whole map is enveloped.

Any Recon Legend Icon.svg Recon Legend can show their team where the next round's ring will be when they interact with a Survey Beacon.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Round Wait period Time to close Damage/tick Ring Diameter after closing
1 3:00 3:45 2 1000 m
2 2:45 0:45 3 650 m
3 2:15 0:45 10 400 m
4 2:00 0:35 20 200 m
5 1:30 0:30 20 100 m
6 1:30 1:40 25 0.05 m

There is a roughly 60 seconds period before Round 1 starts during which players cannot see where the ring will shrink to.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Ring, formally the "Modified Containment Ring", was commissioned by the Syndicate for the Apex Games, made possible via the work of Natalie Paquette and her father Luc, who died on the day of its unveiling.

Past names for the ring include "The Circle" and "The Forcefield".

History[edit | edit source]