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The Frontier is what the group of star systems on the periphery of the Core Systems (which include Earth) are called.

History[edit | edit source]

The Frontier was initially discovered and settled by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and its various subsidiaries, each with conflicting motivations behind the colonization effort. One reason however, is the most prevalent: Resources. The exploration and the colonization of the Frontier gave a major boost to IMC support in the Core Systems.

Frontier colonization ramped up with the passage of the IMC Serviceman's Readjustment Act (the IMC's so-called "G.I. Bill"), which awarded veterans of IMC-backed military campaigns in the Core Systems various benefits; loans to start businesses and farms on the Frontier, low-cost mortgages and guaranteed property rights on Frontier worlds to start new lives. These new rush of settlers still had the combat skills they have acquired over the course of the conflict, including commandeering Titans.

In time, conflict erupted yet again in the Core Systems and this has led to neglect from the IMC of the Frontier settlers for decades. This has allowed the development of the Frontier largely independent from the IMC, the growth of a fiercely independent culture and the rise of lawlessness in the area. The conflicts in the Core Systems eventually ended with the IMC as the victor. Exhausted of resources from decades of war however, the IMC decided to return to the Frontier en masse and seeing the Frontier colonies thriving, declared eminent domain - citing their initial investment in the Frontier's colonization. Planets were seized and mining installations propped up at astonishing speeds, Frontier settlers meanwhile, were forcibly relocated or evicted from their homes. The various perceived injustices led to the formation of the "Frontier Militia", a confederation of various planetary armies, pirate and mercenary groups with one goal in mind: protect the Frontier and their way of life from the IMC.

The formation of the Militia and its subsequent attacks on IMC garrisons was what was presumably the reason for the start of the Titan Wars. The wars went on for a couple of years and ended in the IMC's victory. Only fifteen years after this conflict however, an attack on a small colony on the planet Troy started the Frontier War which raged on for more than a decade. The Militia victory in the Battle of Demeter turned the tide of war and put the IMC on the defensive, cut off from supplies from the Core Systems, the remaining IMC forces limped on as the Remnant Fleet. The war eventually ended after the Battle of Gridiron, which left both the Militia and the IMC with no capabilities to wage more battles.

With the end of the Frontier War, a group of star systems on the fringe of the frontier known as the Outlands were seized by a group calling themselves the Mercenary Syndicate. The group established themselves as the ruling body of the area and also revived an old bloodsport and renamed it the "Apex Games", after the infamous Frontier War mercenary outfit.

Planets & Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Cibus
  • Demeter
    • Orthros (Moon)
  • Eden
  • Gridiron
  • Harmony
  • Leviathan
    • Boneyard
  • The Outlands
    • Syndicate Space
      • Gaea
        • Hollygrove
        • Zaldana City
          • Humbert Labs
        • Suotamo
          • Ticacek Orphanage
      • Psamathe
      • Salvo
      • Solace
      • Talos
  • Troy
  • Typhon
  • Victor