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Hop-Up attachments are special uncommon weapon attachments that have a large impact on a weapon's performance. Weapons can only equip one Hop-Up at a time.

Double Tap Trigger[edit | edit source]

Double Tap Trigger.svg
Valid for the G7 Scout and the EVA-8 Auto

The Double Tap Trigger grants an alternative fire mode that makes weapons fire two quick shots with a single trigger press.

Hammerpoint Rounds[edit | edit source]

Hammerpoint Rounds.svg
Valid for P2020 and Mozambique Shotgun

The Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up increases damage to unshielded targets.

Precision Choke[edit | edit source]

Precision Choke.svg
Valid for Peacekeeper and Triple Take.

To use the Precision Choke, you must equip it on a suitable gun and aim down sights. The gun will then charge, reducing the spread of its projectiles up to three levels, which can be seen through any scope. Once fully charged, the next shot will be incredibly accurate.

The Peacekeeper will keep its charge for a short time after switching to hip-fire. The Triple-Take will lose its charge immediately.

Selectfire Receiver[edit | edit source]

Selectfire Receiver.svg
Valid for Prowler Burst PDW and Havoc Rifle.

The Selectfire Receiver can allow the Prowler to fire full-auto instead of burst-only. It can also allow the Havoc Rifle to shoot a single powerful charged laser shot.

Anvil Receiver[edit | edit source]

Anvil Receiver.svg
Valid for R-301 Carbine and the VK-47 Flatline

The Anvil Receiver hop-up increases semi-auto damage, but reduces the rate of fire and uses more ammo.

Former Hop-Ups[edit | edit source]

These Hop-Ups were removed from the loot table and may or may not come back in future updates.

Disruptor Rounds[edit | edit source]

Disruptor Rounds.svg
Valid for Alternator SMG and RE-45 Auto

Removed in Season 3.svg Season 3, the Disruptor Rounds hop-up increased damage to shielded targets. The damage multiplier differed with each weapon, with the Alternator having a multiplier of 1.55x and the RE-45 Auto having a multiplier of 1.7x.

This mechanic was reintroduced in Season 4 with Sentinel's charged-up function. Once a Shield Battery is used to charge the sentinel, each round will deal a guaranteed 100 damage to shields, with the remaining damage (if any), calculated based on area shot, applied to the target.

Skullpiercer Rifling[edit | edit source]

Skullpiercer Rifling.svg
Valid for Longbow DMR and Wingman.

Removed in Season 3.svg Season 3, Skullpiercer Rifling would increase the headshot multiplier of its current weapon. The Wingman from 2x to 2.25x and the Longbow from 2x to 2.5x.

Turbocharger[edit | edit source]

Valid for Havoc Rifle and Devotion.

Removed in Season 4.svg Season 4, The Turbocharger removes the need for weapons to charge-up/and or instantly increase fire rate before shooting. The Devotion will fire at its fastest right away, and the Havoc Rifle will no longer need to charge-up.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Double Tap Trigger.svg Double Tap Trigger does not change a weapon's handling. Thus, for precise shots (namely when used with G7 Scout), consider switching back to single-fire mode.

History[edit | edit source]

February 04, 2020 Patch
October 01, 2019 Patch
August 13, 2019 Patch
July 05, 2019 Patch
July 02, 2019 Patch
March 06, 2019 Patch