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Season 7 Battle Pass Badge

The seventh season of Apex Legends, called Ascension, started on November 04, 2020 and ended on February 02, 2021.

New Content[edit | edit source]

Events and limited-time offers[edit | edit source]

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Battle Pass Rewards[edit | edit source]

Battlepass S7.png
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Level Premium Pass rewards Free rewards
01 Horizon Tracker: Season 7 Wins
02 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack Horizon Tracker: Season 7 Kills
03 Apex Coins 100 Rampart Tracker: Season 7 Kills
04 Bangalore Holo-Spray: Lock and Load Pathfinder Tracker: Season 7 Wins
05 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack Gibraltar Tracker: Season 7 Kills
06 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1] Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
07 Music Pack: Ascension Wraith Tracker: Season 7 Wins
08 Music Pack: Horizon Crypto Tracker: Season 7 Kills
09 Kraber .50-cal Sniper Skin: Strong Influence Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
10 Pathfinder Kill Quip: I won! It must be my Birthday Bangalore Tracker: Season 7 Wins
11 Pathfinder Banner Frame: Anchor Bias Wattson Tracker: Season 7 Kills
12 Crafting Metals 120 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
13 Apex Coins 100 Octane Tracker: Season 7 Wins
14 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1] Loba Tracker: Season 7 Kills
15 Horizon Kill Quip: Oh no! Did that hurt Darlin? Lifeline Tracker: Season 7 Wins
16 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack Mirage Tracker: Season 7 Kills
17 Longbow DMR Skin: Sunspot Caustic Tracker: Season 7 Wins
18 Wraith Kill Quip: This didn't have to be your end Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
19 Bloodhound Banner Frame: Folded Pressure Bloodhound Tracker: Season 7 Kills
20 Crafting Metals 120 Revenant Tracker: Season 7 Wins
21 Apex Coins 100 Revenant Tracker: Season 7 Kills
22 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1] Bloodhound Tracker: Season 7 Wins
23 G7 Scout Skin: Dark Adaption Caustic Tracker: Season 7 Kills
24 Bangalore Kill Quip: You call that a Firearm? Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
25 Wraith Skin: High Class Mirage Tracker: Season 7 Wins
26 Weapon Charm: Diamond Drop Lifeline Tracker: Season 7 Kills
27 Wraith Banner Frame: A Cut Above Loba Tracker: Season 7 Wins
28 Crafting Metals 120 Octane Tracker: Season 7 Kills
29 Apex Coins 100 Wattson Tracker: Season 7 Wins
30 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1] Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
31 Triple Take Skin: Focused Strategy Bangalore Tracker: Season 7 Kills
32 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack Crypto Tracker: Season 7 Wins
33 Wattson Kill Quip: You might still live on Wraith Tracker: Season 7 Kills
34 Lifeline Holo-Spray: I got ya Beat Gibraltar Tracker: Season 7 Wins
35 Mirage Banner Frame: Heartthrob Pathfinder Tracker: Season 7 Kills
36 Crafting Metals 120 Rampart Tracker: Season 7 Wins
37 Apex Coins 100 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
38 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1] Prowler Burst PDW Skin: Supermassive
39 Caustic Kill Quip: How do you feel? Mastiff Shotgun Skin: Scaled Up
40 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack EVA-8 Auto Skin: Framework
41 Charge Rifle Skin: Sun Baked Peacekeeper Skin: Quilted Frame
42 Wattson Holo-Spray: Magnifique! Mozambique Shotgun Skin: Rattled
43 Bangalore Banner Frame: Stocked and Locked Wingman Skin: Pinged
44 Crafting Metals 120 RE-45 Auto Skin: Interconnection
45 Apex Coins 100 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
46 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1]
47 Hemlok Burst AR Skin: Lavender Lux
48 Crypto Kill Quip: The Truth, tell me the Truth
49 Weapon Charm: Flight of Fancy P2020 Skin: Fragmentary
50 Octane Skin: Fast Fashion Sentinel Skin: Particle Play
51 Horizon Skydive Emote: Game Time Volt SMG Skin: Confetti
52 Horizon Banner Frame: Precious Cargo
53 Crafting Metals 120 Wraith Skin: Royal Guard
54 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1]
55 Loba Kill Quip: I've been saving this for a special Occasion Loading Screen: Gossip Boy
56 VK-47 Flatline Skin: Parallax
57 Revenant Kill Quip: I might bury you here
58 R-301 Carbine Skin: Starstruck
59 Wattson Skydive Emote: Best Buds
60 Caustic Banner Frame: Research Grant Loading Screen: Me, Myself & Regret
61 Crafting Metals 120
62 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1]
63 HAVOC Rifle Skin: Retrograde
64 Octane Kill Quip: You have to admit that was awesome!
65 Loading Screen: The Peck Foundation Loading Screen: A Change in Character?
66 Crypto Holo-Spray: I'm always watching
67 Weapon Charm: Clutch
68 Pathfinder Skydive Emote: Raven Rampage
69 Crafting Metals 120
70 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 1] Loading Screen: "Pas Me Dat Suga" Cookies
71 M600 Spitfire Skin: Borealis
72 Gibraltar Kill Quip: You give up to easily!
73 Loading Screen: Legal Eagles
74 Caustic Holo-Spray: One More
75 Weapon Charm: Sakura Spring Loading Screen: History's Rift
76 Revenant Banner Frame: Drip Feed
77 Crafting Metals 120
78 Bloodhound Kill Quip: For Artur
79 Devotion LMG Skin: Light Pollution
80 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
81 Loading Screen: Timetravel is Money
82 Lifeline Kill Quip: Lookin' for a Rhythm? I got ya Beat
83 Gibraltar Skydive Emote: Good Vibes
84 Octane Banner Frame: Successful Launch
85 Apex Coins 100
86 L-Star Skin: Scorched
87 Mirage Kill Quip: I won and I'm Number One
88 Loading Screen: Project Marathon
89 Rampart Kill Quip: I'm just so bloody happy!
90 Weapon Charm: Cruise Control
91 Rampart Skydive Emote: Catching a Current
92 Gibraltar Banner Frame: Brilliant Split
93 Apex Coins 100
94 Loading Screen: Crisis to Avert
95 Crafting Metals 120
96 Apex Coins 100
97 Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Pack
98 Apex Coins 100
99 Longbow DMR Skin: Forward Thinker
100 R-99 SMG Skin: Cutting Edge R-99 SMG Skin: Avant Garde
110 R-99 SMG Skin: Revolutionary Ascension Level Season 7 Badge
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 XP Boost: 10% bonus to Top 5 and Win XP. Boosts stack and apply to everyone in party (+300% max).

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