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Season 5

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Season 5 Battle Pass Badge
Battle Pass Badge

The fifth season of Apex Legends, called Fortune's Favor, which started on May 12, 2020 and will end on August 17, 2020.[1]

New Content[edit | edit source]

  • New Legend: Loba
  • Introduction of Quests
  • Several changes to Kings Canyon:
    • The destruction of the southwest corner of the map, with Skull Town, Thunderdome, and surrounding areas collapsed into the sea
    • Massive new facilities replacing Wetlands and Relay
    • Addition of Charge Towers, a device that provides a blast that restores the ultimate of every player on its platform when triggered
    • The removal of the Leviathans from the map, being moved to their preseason and Season 1.svg Season 1 state
    • New Town Takeover, Crypto's Map Room

Events and limited-time offers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Events

Battle Pass Rewards[edit | edit source]

Battlepass S5.png
Main article: Battle Pass
Level Premium Pass rewards Free rewards
01 Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Pathfinder
02 Apex Pack Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Gibraltar
03 Apex Coins 50 Apex Pack
04 Loading Screen: Mean Girls Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Wraith
05 Apex Pack Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Crypto
06 Gibraltar Kill Quip: Gibraltar Still Loves You' Wraith Kill Quip: There's A Void in Your Heart'
07 Kraber .50-cal Sniper Skin: Magma Might Apex Pack
08 Crafting Metals 120 Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Bangalore
09 Loading Screen: Qualified Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Wattson
10 XP Boost[note 1] Revenant Kill Quip: I Want Your Heart'
11 Apex Coins 50 Apex Pack
12 Longbow DMR Skin: Desert Dweller Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Octane
13 Pathfinder Skydive Emote: The Kneeslapper Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Loba
14 Bangalore Kill Quip: I Didn't Say I Mended Broken Hearts' Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Lifeline
15 G7 Scout Skin: Dragon's Embrace Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Mirage
16 Crafting Metals 120 Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Caustic
17 Loading Screen: A Declaration of War Apex Pack
18 Apex Coins 100 Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Bloodhound
19 Triple Take Skin: Scarab's Bite Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Revenant
20 XP Boost[note 1] Mirage Kill Quip: Mirage À Trois'
21 Octane Banner Frame: Deep Dive Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Revenant
22 Charge Rifle Skin: Gilded Hunt Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Bloodhound
23 Music Pack: Fortune's Favor Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Caustic
24 Crafting Metals 120 Crypto Kill Quip: Most Alive When You're In Love'
25 Mirage Skin: Fool's Gold Apex Pack
26 Apex Pack Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Mirage
27 Revenant Banner Frame: Ritualistic Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Lifeline
28 Hemlok Burst AR Skin: Spine Chiller Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Loba
29 Weapon Charm: Keepsake Wattson Kill Quip: A Gift Of Joules'
30 XP Boost[note 1] Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Octane
31 VK-47 Flatline Skin: Scarlet Temperament Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Wattson
32 Caustic Kill Quip: Misunderstood Intentions' Apex Pack
33 Crafting Metals 120 Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Bangalore
34 Loading Screen: Sleep With The Fishes Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Crypto
35 Apex Coins 100 Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Wraith
36 R-301 Carbine Skin: Celestial Clockwork Tracker: Season 5 Wins as Gibraltar
37 Lifeline Skydive Emote: Vibing Tracker: Season 5 Kills as Pathfinder
38 Octane Kill Quip: I Think I Love You Friend'
39 HAVOC Rifle Skin: The Head Shrinker
40 XP Boost[note 1]
41 Loading Screen: Like Father, Like Daughter
42 Loba Skydive Emote: Side Saddle
43 Crafting Metals 120
44 Apex Coins 100
45 Weapon Charm: Diamond Apex Pack
46 Loba Kill Quip: It's Not You, It's Me'
47 Devotion LMG Skin: Cartographer
48 Crafting Metals 120
49 Loading Screen: It Takes A Liar
50 Bangalore Skin: Sky Marshal
51 XP Boost[note 1]
52 L-STAR EMG Skin: Royal Weave
53 Crypto Banner Frame: Expedition Loba Skin: Huntswoman
54 Loba Banner Frame: Alpha Dog
55 R-99 Skin: Shredder
56 Apex Pack
57 Loading Screen: Felagi Fighters
58 Mirage Skydive Emote: Private Dancer
59 Alternator SMG Skin: Entombed
60 XP Boost[note 1]
61 Weapon Charm: Trusty Whip
62 Mirage Banner Frame: Mapped Out
63 Prowler Burst PDW Skin: Gnarled Embrace
64 Crafting Metals 120
65 Loading Screen: Stalking Prey
66 Apex Coins 100
67 Music Pack: Loba
68 Mastiff Shotgun Skin: Gift Of Power
69 Pathfinder Banner Frame: Treasure Trove
70 XP Boost[note 1]
71 EVA-8 Auto Skin: Molten Ignition
72 Lifeline Banner Frame: Tools Of The Trade
73 Loading Screen: Take It In Stride
74 Wraith Banner Frame: Intergalactic
75 Apex Coins 100
76 Peacekeeper Skin: Evolved Flow
77 Weapon Charm: Explorer's Hat
78 Bloodhound Banner Frame: Deep Discovery
79 Mozambique Shotgun Skin: Rare Find
80 XP Boost[note 1]
81 Apex Pack
82 Crafting Metals 120
83 Apex Coins 100
84 Loading Screen: Arms Race
85 Octane Skydive Emote: Without A Paddle
86 Apex Coins 100
87 RE-45 Auto Skin: Woven Future
88 Apex Pack
89 Crafting Metals 120
90 XP Boost[note 1]
91 Bangalore Banner Frame: Explosive Ordnance
92 P2020 Skin: Emerald Shard
93 Weapon Charm: Frost Bite
94 Sentinel Skin: Admonish
95 Crafting Metals 120
96 Apex Coins 100
97 Apex Pack
98 Apex Coins 100
99 M600 Spitfire Skin: Bad Mojo M600 Spitfire Skin: Plunder
100 Wingman Skin: Precision Caliber Wingman Skin: The Keystone
110 Wingman Skin: Attention To Detail Fortune's Favor Level Season 5 Badge
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 XP Boost: 10% bonus to Top 5 and Win XP. Boosts stack and apply to everyone in party (+300% max).

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