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Season Quests, often shortened to Quests, are campaigns that slowly progress throughout a season. Quests were introduced in Season 5.svg Season 5.

List of Quests[edit | edit source]

Season Quest Description PvE Enemies PvE Map
Season 5.svg
Season 5
"The Broken Ghost" Loba Andrade hunts for nine pieces of a priceless relic, and compels the other Legends to help her assemble it. But the true price of success might be more than anyone is willing to pay. Prowlers,
Shadow Prowlers
Loadingscreen Kings Canyon After Dark.png
Kings Canyon After Dark
Season 6.svg
Season 6
"The First Ship" Modder Ramya "Rampart" Parekh needs capital to rebuild her incinerated shop—and those treasure packs scattered around World's Edge and Kings Canyon are looking nice and valuable. Help her nick a few and she might let you skim off the top. None None
Season 7.svg
Season 7
"Family Portrait" The hunt for an antique battery forces Lifeline, Gibraltar, Octane and Pathfinder to confront their pasts, as families are reunited, secrets are uncovered, and their loved ones are taken hostage! But who's the real villain in this story? You only think you know... None None