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Perks are additional attributes that are added to Legends and Level 4 Gear and Attachments.

Passive PerksFortified.svg Fortified and Low Profile.png Low Profile—are equalizers used to compensate for different hitbox sizes in Legends.

Class Perks are perks that applies to all Legends of a class.

Perks added to Legends[edit | edit source]

Executioner[edit | edit source]

Finishers fully regenerate shield.
Applies to all Legends.

Fortified[edit | edit source]

Incoming damage reduced by 15%. Not slowed by bullets.
Applies to Fortified.svg Fortified Legends: Caustic, Gibraltar.

Low Profile[edit | edit source]

More difficult to hit, incoming damage increased by 5%. [Additionally, incoming leg shots do the same damage as body shots.]
Applies to Low Profile.png Low Profile Legends: Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wattson, Wraith.

Recon[edit | edit source]

Scanning Survey Beacons reveals the next circle's location.
Applies to Recon Legend Icon.svg Recon Legends: Bloodhound, Crypto, Pathfinder.

Perks added to gear[edit | edit source]

Fast Charge[edit | edit source]

Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time.
Applies to the Helmet.svg Helmet.

Guardian Angel[edit | edit source]

You revive squadmates with bonus shields and health.
Applies to the Backpack lvl3.svg Backpack.

Improved Minor Heal[edit | edit source]

Syringe.svg Syringes and Shield Cell.svg Shield Cells have improved effects.
Applies to the Body Shield.svg Body Shield.

Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Can self-resurrect once. Ability consumed upon use.
Applies to the Knockdown Shield.svg Knockdown Shield.

Perks added to attachments[edit | edit source]

Autoloader[edit | edit source]

Automatically reloads stowed weapons after a short delay.
Applies to the Extended Light Mag.svg Extended Light Mag, the Extended Heavy Mag.svg Extended Heavy Mag, the Extended Energy Mag.svg Extended Energy Mag, and the Extended Sniper Mag.svg Extended Sniper Mag.

Removed perks[edit | edit source]

Fast Heal[edit | edit source]

Healing items take half as long to use.
Applied to the Body Shield.svg Body Shield. Previously applied to the Backpack lvl3.svg Backpack.

Flash Hider[edit | edit source]

Minimizes muzzle flash.
Applied to the Barrel Stabilizer lvl4.svg Barrel Stabilizer.

History[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In general, there are only three hitbox sizes: small (used by Low Profile.png Low Profile Legends), large (used by Fortified.svg Fortified Legends), and medium (used by everyone else). Legends within those categories have the exact same hitbox, regardless of what their models suggest.[1][2][3]
    • Pathfinder, Revenant, and Wraith are the only exceptions to this:
      • Originally, Pathfinder had the large hitbox used by Legends like Gibraltar. This made little sense because his model is very thin so he would get by bullets that look like would miss him. His hitbox was tightened to better match his skinny model, but his win rate skyrocketed so much that he had to be given the Low Profile perk.[4]
      • Before being released, Revenant had the same custom hitbox as Pathfinder, but it was adjusted to be bigger last minute. The developers were not aware of the last minute hitbox change, which is why Revenant was released with Low Profile at first. Low Profile was later removed from him.[5]
      • Wraith originally had the "small" hitbox used by Lifeline and Wattson,[6] but it was increased in Season 8.svg Season 8 to lower her incredibly high win rate. As a result, she now has a slightly bigger hitbox than Lifeline and Wattson.[7]
      • On Reddit, in the Season 8 AMA[citation needed], game designer Daniel Zenon Klein said that they were able to bring Pathfinder’s win rate under control, and that he wants to take Low Profile off of Pathfinder.
    • Despite having the same small hitbox as Lifeline,[8] Wattson was originally released without Low Profile, but it was given to her in a later patch. This led to a misconception that Wattson was given Low Profile because of her abilites, but the lead game designer at Respawn, Carlos Pineda, stressed that hitbox size is the only factor for having Low Profile.[9]
  • The Recon Legend Icon.svg Recon class perk is Pathfinder's original passive.
  • Class perks for the other three Legend classes—Offensive Legend Icon.svg Offensive, Defensive Legend Icon.svg Defensive, and Support Legend Icon.svg Support—have been datamined, but only the Recon Legend Icon.svg Recon perk was added. On Reddit, game designer Daniel Zenon Klein offered some insight on to why.[10]
    • The leaked Offense perk allowed Offensive Legends to have two extra slots for grenades. Klein says that the devs had also considered allowing Offensive Legends to stack grenades to 2 again. Klein does not think they will move forward with this perk because he believes the game is healthier with less grenade spam. Eventually, with Fuse's Grenadier.png Grenadier Passive ability allowing him to stack two grenades on one slot, this specific class perk seem to have been completely scrapped.
    • The leaked Defense perk allowed Defensive Legends to give shields to revived squadmates. Klein says he does not want to take the Guardian Angel perk away from the gold backpack. The devs also considered having Defensive Legends being able to fortify doors, making it so that only they can break them and it takes extra kicks for them to break; this perk was found to be too situational.
    • The leaked Support perk allowed Support Legends to find extra supplies in blue supply bins. This perk actually already exists and is on Lifeline. Klein says they originally intended for it to be on all Support Legends, and there are even voice lines recorded for Loba using the perk, but they ultimately decided to put it on Lifeline only. However, Klein says they might revisit this perk.

References[edit | edit source]