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Do you know, I remember everything about this moment. Know what I’m thinking here? Not ‘I can’t feel my legs’ or ‘are those my feet dangling by the bone?’. No, I’m thinking how cool it is that thousands of people are cheering for me, and they’re still not as loud as the heartbeat in my ears. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. That was the moment I realized: life isn’t worth living, if you don’t know this feeling.[1]
High-Speed Daredevil
Real Name Octavio Silva
Gender Male
Age 24
Home World Psamathe
Legend Type Offensive Legend Icon.svg Offensive
Tactical Ability Stim.png Stim
Passive Ability Swift Mend.png Swift Mend
Ultimate Ability Launch Pad.png Launch Pad
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Nicolas Roye

Octane is a Legend introduced in Season 1.svg Season 1 that is locked from the base game. This Legend can be unlocked by using digital currency: pay Legend Tokens 12,000 or Apex Coins 750; or by buying the Champion Edition.

Octane is a high-speed Offensive Legend Icon.svg Offensive Legend as the name implies. His Stim.png Stim is great for closing in on opponents and covering large distances. His passive Swift Mend.png Swift Mend and ultimate Launch Pad.png Launch Pad complements it by providing self-healing and a jump pad to cover more and vertical distances.

Biography[edit | edit source]

One day, Octavio Silva was bored. In fact, he was bored most days. Heir to the preoccupied CEOs of Silva Pharmaceuticals and wanting for nothing in life, he entertained himself by performing death-defying stunts and posting holovids of them for his fans to gawk over. So, this day, he decided to set the course record for a nearby Gauntlet by launching himself across the finish line – using a grenade. He later recounted that day as the single greatest day in his life.[1]

As he lay in triage hours later, the doctors informed him that the damage done to his legs meant his daredevil days were over. That didn’t sit well with Octavio, who turned to an old friend for help: Ajay Che, who he guilted into forging an order to replace his legs with bionic ones. Suddenly able to repair his limbs at a moment’s notice, Octavio decided petty online stunts weren’t enough: the ultimate adrenaline rush, the Apex Games, was calling. Now, he’s going to become an Apex Champion doing the most incredible, death-defying moves anyone’s ever seen. Maybe in the arena, he won’t be so bored.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Stim[edit | edit source]

Stim.png Stim
Type Tactical
Cooldown 2 seconds
Description Increase walk speed by 30% and sprint speed by 40% for 6 seconds. Costs Health to use. Reduction to slows while active.

  • For 6 seconds, normal movement will be 30% faster while sprinting will be 40% faster.
  • Costs 12 health.
    • Using this ability when at 12 health or below will put you on 1 health instead of 0.
  • On activation, stim will remove all slow effects. Slows that are applied after activation will only be reduced, not removed.

  • Can be activated while using a regen item.
  • Removes slow effects from explosives, Caustic gas, Wattson's fences, or from landing after a long fall.

  • You cannot bring yourself below 0 health. It is not possible to kill yourself, but you are easier to kill. You may want to take care using this ability in fights - do not use it too much as you will weaken yourself substantially for enemies to pick you off.
  • Always keep track of your health before using this ability. Avoid running into new areas with only a sliver of health.
  • Use this ability to flank the enemy from the long path, since the enemy is less likely to be keeping tabs on the long flank and because your Stim can greatly reduce the time it takes to flank the enemy.
  • The ability can be used to quickly rotate between off-angles, giving you the ability to condition your enemy into focusing their attention on one off-angle and allowing you to shoot them from another angle or flank them.
  • When disengaging from a fight, use this ability for a quick getaway. Never run in a straight line, but try zigzagging instead to avoid incoming fire.
  • Use stim just before finishing a Med Kit.svg Med Kit or Phoenix Kit.svg Phoenix Kit so that you can have the effects of stim without losing health.

  • If Octane uses Stim while riding a zipline, he cannot use any weapons while on the zipline.

Swift Mend[edit | edit source]

Swift Mend.png Swift Mend
Type Passive
Cooldown N/A
Description Automatically restores health over time.

  • While not taking damage, Octane restores 1 health every second.
  • This also restores health while knocked down, but won't save you from bleeding out.

  • Managing your Stim shot uses and watching your health regeneration can help you minimize your syringe and Med Kit.svg Med Kit use.
  • Do not expect this to fully heal you. Med Kits and syringes are your best friends. This will not heal you very fast, and stim will take health away. Only count on it if you have little health needing to be healed
  • It will activate a few seconds after using Stim.
  • The ability also allows you to save up healing items when you're going out of the Ring to either loot or revive a teammate.

Launch Pad[edit | edit source]

Launch Pad.png Launch Pad
Type Ultimate
Charge time 60 seconds
Description Deploy a jump pad that catapults anyone through the air. Press the jump button to double jump.

  • Launch Pads have 200 Health. Up to 4 Launch Pads can be active on the map at once.
  • Will send players in the direction they were moving when they touched the launch pad. If the player was not moving, they will bounce straight up and down.
  • Anyone who uses the Launch Pad has the option to double jump before hitting the ground.
    • You cannot double jump while healing or when you're downed.
  • Jumping just as you make contact with the Launch Pad will make your jump arc higher.

  • You can throw the launch pad further than you might expect.
  • Jumping in the moment of being launched will get you higher. (The timing is pretty easy.) The pad will not launch you further though, no matter your current speed or speed boosts.
  • Deploying the launch pad indoors doesn’t do anything interesting.
  • At some places, when you are out of bounds, you can place the pad directly under you. With no momentum but up, the pad will launch you out of the "countdown-zone", effectively resetting the timer.
  • Placing the launch pad in front of a door makes the door impassable. (When trying to enter from the side with the launch pad.)
  • The launch pad can also be used to launch downed players to a safer place, thus allowing a safer revive.
  • Use this ability to outflank enemies behind rocks and the like. Just make sure you have an escape route or and object to hide behind after.
  • If you bounce a launch pad off another launch pad and jump right where you should, adding extra mobility to travel distances quicker.
  • You can give yourself an offensive advantage by throwing a grenade at enemies while in-air, or firing in midair. Most players won’t be able to hit you and you will have given yourself the upper hand. However, since this is difficult to perform, it is worth practicing in the Firing Range.
  • If you want to bounce straight up and down for any reason, use a melee attack to push yourself forward onto it so that you touch it without using any movement inputs.

  • Sometimes the pad will not launch players in the air.
  • In rare cases, spamming the "jump" key after using the pad will cause the double-jump effect to remain on the player. This can cause the player to remain in the air for a long time.
  • Placing a jump pad right next to a supply bin to the point where it is clipping through the supply bin and then driving a Trident into the supply bin will launch the trident a very far distance.
  • Combining a jump pad with Caustic's Nox Gas Trap.png Nox Gas Trap and using Pathfinder's Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook on the trap will cause the trap to fly upwards indefinitely with Pathfinder still grappling it.
  • Throwing a throwable item such as a grenade or an ability that can be thrown onto the jump pad causes the item to act as if it had hit multiple jump pads in succession, which can result in the grenade or ability to fly very far.

Cosmetic items[edit | edit source]

Skins[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 60 Legend skins for Octane; 16 Legendary, 7 Epic, 21 Rare and 16 Common.

Finishers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Finishers

Hot Drop

Full Throttle
Crafting Metals 1,200

Heirloom Set[edit | edit source]

Main article: Heirloom
Octane's Heirloom Set

The set includes:

  • Banner Pose: Spin and Flick
  • Weapon Skin: Butterfly Knife
  • Intro Quip: "Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast."

Badges[edit | edit source]

Main article: Octane/Badges

Skydive Emotes[edit | edit source]

Season 2 Battle Pass Full Circle
Level 70

Season 4 Battle Pass Influencer
Level 21

Season 5 Battle Pass Without A Paddle
Level 85

Holo-Sprays[edit | edit source]

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Music Packs[edit | edit source]

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Loading Screens[edit | edit source]

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Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

  • "Reckless and full of wrecks. Let's go!"
  • "Today's a good day to cheat death."
  • "What are you waiting for? Let's do this!"
  • "It's showtime!"
  • "Scooting and looting, amigo."
  • "Let's go for a ride."
  • "Race you to the LZ."
  • "Stimmed up and ready to burn."
  • "Can't stop, won't stop."
  • "Wanna fly, compadre? Let's fly."
  • "Pick me pick me pick me I'm so bored!"
  • "I got the need for speed."
  • "Harder, faster, stronger."
  • "Break a leg! (laugh) Mine are made of steel."
  • "These legs weren't made for walking."
  • "I haven't found my limit."
  • "Ready, steady, go!"
  • "Hey, let's go already!"
  • "I don't push the envelope, I shred it."
  • "All aboard the Octrain!"
  • "Come on come on come on, pick me!"

  • "Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast."
  • "Come by casa de Octane for a cold one."
  • "By the time you see me coming, I'll be going, and you'll be gone."
  • "They say Death catches up to everyone. [chuckles] He can certainly try!"
  • "My legs are ready to go! (Some assembly required.)"
  • "Just wanna give a shoutout to all my fans watching. (I love you guys! I love you! / I love you. / Holaaaa. / What’s up!) "
  • Season 1 Battle Pass "The season's open amigos. Here. We. Go."
  • "Catch me if you can."
  • "Don't worry about my legs getting tired. I made sure that will never happen again! [laughs]"
  • "I'm going up, and you're going down."
  • "[groans] Haven't we landed yet? What's the holdup?"
  • "I do this for the rush. The fans are just a bonus."
  • "I like the wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth, and long walks off a high cliff."
  • "I make it look easy, but I'm still the champ."
  • "Better watch your front! I'm always in the lead."
  • "I can see all of you in the rearview mirror."
  • "Mira, check out that giant banner of me! Awesome!"
  • "See that blur right before you bite it? That's me!"
  • "The good news is that with me, at least it will be over quick!"
  • "Time is flying, and I am too."
  • "You all ready for the Octrain?"
  • "You better run. Make it interesting."
  • "You think I'm afraid of you? I blew off my own legs!"

  • Season 5 Battle Pass "That was amazing! Creo que te amo, amigo. Too bad you're dead."
  • Season 6 Battle Pass "Ay, gracias, amigo. I was bored until you came along. Respect."
  • Season 7 Battle Pass "Ok, come on. Dead or not, even you have to admit that was awesome!"
  • "A piece of advice: You'd be tougher to kill if you weren't so.. ah.. boring."
  • "That's a win for me, amigo!"
  • "Death keeps chasing me, but I keep him in my rearview."
  • "Do you feel that adrenaline surging through your veins? ..No? Just me?"
  • "Don't worry, I've got a prosthetics guy who can replace, well, everything."
  • "Down low, too slow."
  • "I'd say eat my dust, but.. you're already dead, amigo."
  • "The stories got it wrong. Hare crushes tortoise, every time."
  • "How awesome was that rush!? For me, I mean. For you? Not so much."
  • "I could do this all day."
  • "I could run circles around you all day."
  • "Oh man! I hope I got all that on camera."
  • "Oh, that was incredible! ..Okay. I'm bored now."
  • "Man, that was intense! I'm gonna go run a victory lap!"
  • "I'm quick, and you're dead! [laughs]"
  • "Mira, it's not about how hard you tried. It's about who wins."
  • "Mira, it's a lot easier to stay alive if you actually run!"
  • "Mira, amigo, maybe lay off caffeine, huh? [laughs]"
  • "You didn't even look like you were having fun. Come on, lighten up, amigo!"
  • "Never saw me coming, didja? It's cool. They never do."
  • "Next time, give me a challenge!"
  • "Non terrae plus ultra."
  • "Not too quick on the uptake, are you? Then again, you're not too quick on anything.."
  • "Say cheese for all my followers!"
  • "Ooh, sick death, dude!"
  • "I'm sorry about that, amigo. Get respawned so I can chase you down again!"
  • "You need to move faster that that, amigo. Speed is life."
  • "That looked like it hurt. But what a rush, am I right?"
  • "That sucks for you, compadre. But at least it wasn't boring."
  • "That was crazy fun! Who's next?"
  • "That wasn't your life flashing before your eyes. That was me."
  • "And that's what you get for trying to outrun me."
  • "Oh, we should do that again! Only next time, even faster!"
  • "Why does it have to be over so soon?"
  • "Why so slow? Break a leg or something? I got a wrench that can fix that."
  • "Wow, that was intense. Really makes me want to take a long pause and reflect and... no, I don't."
  • "You can't outrun the Octrain."
  • "Man, you even die slow! Okay, hurry up, I have stuff to do."
  • "Dude, you should totally go respawn so we can do that again."
  • "You're quicker than I thought! Too bad I'm.. quicker-er."

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster! Which should go without saying."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster, duh."
Here we go / Dropping as Jumpmaster
  • "I love this part! (battle cry)"
  • "I love this part! (battle cry)"
  • "Can you feel the speed?! Yeah baby!"
  • "Vámonos, hyahaha!"
  • "Vámonos, olé!"
Another squad is attacking
  • "Fíjate, another squad is attacking us!"
  • "Oh, no no no no no, there's another squad!"
Arc Star thrown
  • "Arc Star!"
  • "Throwing Arc Star!"
Grenade thrown
  • "Frag out!"
  • "Grenade out!"
Thermite Grenade thrown
  • "Thermite Grenade!"
  • "Eat Thermite!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
Incoming grenade
  • "Mira, ¡granada!"
  • "GRENADE, go go go go go!!!"
  • "Grenade!"
  • "Look out, grenade!"
Cargo Bot shot down
  • "Yo, took down a Cargo Bot."
  • "Adiós Cargo Bot, hola high-tier loot!"
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "That's how you do it."
  • "Nice kill compadre."
  • "Wow, you ain't messin' around."
  • "Nice takedown, how that feel?"
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "I'm going in! (battle cry)"
  • "Engaging!"
  • "Firing!"
Got out Squadmate's banner
  • "Got the banner, it's a race to the beacon."
  • "Got the banner! Should head to the beacon."
Healing/Recharging shields
  • "Using meds! (to self) Come on come on come on!"
  • "Healing! Aaagh, this is taking too long."
  • "Healing."
  • [to Lifeline] "Using meds! See that, Che? Still alive!"
  • "Charging shields, come on, come on."
  • "Charging up my shields."
Downed an enemy
  • "Downed one."
  • "Downed that one."
  • "That one's out for the count."
Another enemy down
  • "Downed another one."
  • "Boom, another one down."
Third enemy squad member eliminated
  • "Haha, dropping like flies."
  • "You see that? I took down a whole village."
  • "They're not getting back up from that."
Enemy killed
  • "That one's out for the count."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night Ring
  • "(laugh) You can't eat what you can't touch!"
  • "Look at the bright side, amigo, at least you still got both your ears."
Full squad kill / Squad Wipe
  • [Solo] "Say adiós to an entire squad! Damn, I'm good at this!"
  • [Solo] "Whole squad ate my dust, let's do that again!"
  • "Woah! Nailed that whole Squad."
Whole Squad down
  • "And that makes tres! Whole squad down!"
  • "Mira, that was the last of that squad."
  • "And that's all of them, good job compadres."
  • "That's the last of them amigos, booyah!"
Flyer killed
  • "Who wants fried Flyer for dinner?"
  • "Clip that Flyer's wings."
I'm down
  • "(growling) I'm down!"
  • "(growling) I'm down! Wow, I actually got hit."
  • "(growling) I'm down! ¡No bueno!"
Consecutive kills in a short time
  • "Mira, did you see that?! Please, tell me somebody saw that."
  • "Please tell me someone recorded that."
Deploying Respawn Beacon
  • "Deploying one of those Respawn Beacon-thingies."
  • "Deploying Respawn Beacon."
  • "Whoa, what a rush!"
  • "That, was AWESOME!"
Self revived
  • "(yawns) nap time's over."
  • "(yawns) and I'm back in the game!"
I got you / Reviving squadmate
  • "Can't believe I'm standing still, you're lucky I like you."
  • "Come on compadre, get up, come on come on come on."
  • [reviving Lifeline] "Eh, hermana, shouldn't you be the one picking ME up? (laughs)"
  • [reviving Lifeline] "Anything broken chica? I've got a guy who can give you some upgrades."
  • [reviving Bangalore] "Call me Oscar Mike, because… I got you, lady. Haha."
  • [reviving Bangalore] "Oscar Mike? More like Octavio Mike, am I right? Hahaha!"
Squad split up
  • "Sure are split up, let's hurry up and regroup."
  • "We're all over the map."
Hit an enemy
  • "(rhetorical to enemy) How you like that?"
  • "I hurt 'em! I know I did."
  • "Nailed 'em! Bet that stung."
  • “Nailed ‘em!”
Taking damage
  • "Oooofff, hijo de... that hurt!"
  • "(growling) That hurt!"
  • "(growling) I'm hit!"
  • "They're shooting at me!"
  • "They're shooting at me?"
  • "Taking fire!"
  • "Getting shot at!"
One squadmate dies
  • "Just you and me. We'll have to move quick, just how I like it."
  • "And then there were two, keep up with me compadre."
  • [to Lifeline] "Just you and me now, hermana; it's like old times!"
Loot Vault Key.svg Vault Key obtained
  • "Got a Vault Key compadres!"
  • "Got a Vault Key, this should come in handy."
  • "Who got the Key? I got the Key! Who got the Key? I got the Key!"
  • "I've got the Key!"
  • "Booyah! We got ourselves a Key!"
  • "We have the Key!"
Loot Vault open
  • "Got the Vault open!"
  • "Opened up the Vault! You're welcome!"
Becoming the Champion squad
  • "We are the champs, squad goals baby."
  • "We're the champs, they'll all be coming for us now. Good. Makes things more exciting."
Performing a skydive emote
  • "OLEEEEE!"
  • "Wohoooooo!!!"
  • "Booyaaaaah!"
  • "(laughs)!!!"
Shadowfall kill
  • "No treats for you compadre, better luck next time."
  • "It was this, or at your house, and that's SO boring."
Squad Death Totem destroyed
  • "Totem's gone, compadres!"
  • "Mira, somebody broke our Totem!"
Kill with the Butterfly Knife
  • "[laughs] They thought they could get the jump on ME!"
  • "Woah, how many likes will that get?"
  • "[chuckles] ¡Íncreible! Piernas, tienes mi corazón."
  • "[laughs] Incredible. AMO estas piernas."
Dropping Holo-Spray
  • “Can’t stick around, but this can.”
  • “Woohoo... wonder how many hits that’ll get.”

Far next Ring closure, in squad
  • "Next Ring's far; not for me, but def for you."
  • "You're gonna have to move at my speed to make the next Ring."
Far next Ring closure, alone
  • "Next Ring's far, I've got to book it."
  • "Ring's far, time for a jog."
Final Ring closure
  • "Final Ring compadres."
  • "Final Ring, this is for all the marvelous people."
  • [Solo] "Final Ring, damn I did good."
  • [Solo] "Final Ring, hoooo."
One minute until nearby Ring closure
  • "One more minute amigo, Ring's right there. So close, soooo close."
  • "Shake a leg, we've only got a minute and the Ring's right there."
  • [Solo] "Ring's right here and I've still got a minute left."
  • [Solo] "One minute, Ring's just around the corner."
One minute until far Ring Closure
  • "We got one minute, and the Ring is far. Just how I like it."
  • "Sixty seconds until the Ring closes, no sweat for me, can you keep up?"
  • [Solo] "Ring's far and I've only got a minute."
  • [Solo] "Minute to go and the Ring's not close, let's do this."
Ten seconds until Ring closure
  • "Ok, ten seconds 'til Ring close, let's go let's go let's go."
  • "Ten 'til Ring closes."
  • [Solo] "Ring closes in ten, got it yet?"
  • [Solo] "Ten seconds, gotta move."
Thirty seconds until Ring closure
  • "Thirty seconds until the Ring closes, you like cutting it close huh? I dig that."
  • "Ring's around the corner and we've got thirty seconds."
  • [Solo] "Thirty seconds 'til this match gets a whole lot smaller."
  • [Solo] "Thirty seconds 'til Ring close."
Forty-five seconds until nearby Ring closure
  • "Forty five seconds, but we could just walk it."
  • [Solo] "Forty-five seconds, and there's the Ring."
Forty-five seconds until far Ring closure
  • "Forty-five seconds 'til Ring close amigos, don't make me carry you."
  • "Forty-five seconds and it's far. I mean, I'm still good."
  • "We've got forty-five seconds, if you don't have robotic legs, you need to move."
  • [Solo] "Gotta make it to the Ring in forty-five."
  • [Solo] "Forty-five seconds and the Ring isn't close."
  • [Solo] "Ring's far, and I've only got forty-five seconds."
Ring closure in progress
  • "Ring's closing. I like pushing limits as much as the next guy, but we gotta go."
  • "Ring. Moving. Now. Rápidamente."
Last Ring closure in progress
  • "Last Ring people, let's go let's go let's go let's go."
  • "Last Ring's closing in!"
  • [Solo] "Last Ring timer, I got this."
  • [Solo] "Last Ring timer started, I gotta go."
Full squad inside the Ring
  • "We're already inside the Ring? Damn. I could have used a good run."
  • "We're already in the Ring."
  • "We're already in the Ring, guess I'll run around in circles for fun."
Alone. inside of the Ring
  • "I'm already in the Ring, score!"
  • "Inside the Ring, sweet."
Squadmates outside of the Ring
  • "What are you waiting for, an invitation? Get in the Ring compadres."
  • "Buenos días, we need to get inside the Ring, pronto."
Full squad outside of the Ring
  • "We're outside the Ring, awesome! Means I can run."
  • "Okay, we have to run to the next Ring, keep up!"

Suggesting a Landing Zone
  • "Looks fun over there."
  • "We should land there, looks like fun."
  • "Eeny meeny miny, how about there?"
Attacking here
  • "What am I waiting for? I'm going in."
  • "We need more excitement. I'm attacking."
  • "I'm bored, I'm gonna start some trouble."
  • "Mira, I'm attacking over there."
  • "Going to raise hell over there. Who's with me?"
  • "Gonna attack that spot out there."
  • "Attacking here!"
  • "Taking the fight to them! (laughs)"
  • "Attacking this way!"
  • "Attacking that direction!"
  • "Engaging over there!"
  • "Hitting 'em hard over there!"
Enemy here
  • "Hey mira, we got some enemies right here."
  • "Oh look, someone wandered into our safe space."
  • "We got trouble. Really close."
  • "Eh amigos, this dude's not with us."
  • "Got company- and they're not here to sell me chickens."
  • "Enemy real close. 'Bout time we got ourselves a fight."
  • "We've got company!"
  • "Bad guys, let's do this!"
  • "Heads up! We're not alone."
  • "Enemies right here!"
  • "I've got some bad guys here!"
  • "Got trouble here!"
  • "I saw someone, and I don't think they're selling cookies."
  • "Just spotted someone out there."
  • "See someone out there."
  • "Got an enemy out there."
  • "Mira, someone's out there. They're far."
  • "Enemy spotted. Way out there, like little cucarachas."
  • "Ey, we got bad guys over there!"
  • "Bad dudes over there!"
  • "Enemy spotted over there!"
  • "Someone's out there!"
  • "We've got trouble!"
  • "Someone else is over there!"
Looting here
  • "I'm gonna raid this area here."
  • "I'm gonna run around here and see what supplies I can find."
  • "Gonna do some looting there."
  • "Bet I can find some good stuff around here."
  • "Might be good stuff over there, I'll be quick."
  • "Scootin' and lootin' over there, see what I can dig up."
  • "Raiding here!"
  • "Looking for supplies here!"
  • "Checking for supplies there!"
  • "Gonna look for gear!"
Defending here
  • "I'm going to make sure we're safe over there."
  • "I'll defend that area over there. I can probably get there faster, anyway."
  • "You good here, amigos? I'll defend over there."
  • "I've got that area covered!"
  • "I'll defend there!"
  • "I'll lock down that area!"
  • "Relax amigo, I got this spot secured."
  • "I'll lock this section down."
  • "Defending here. I'll run circles around them."
  • "Defending here!"
  • "Securing this spot!"
  • "I've got this end on lockdown!"
Ping location
  • "We could go here."
  • "What do you think is over here?"
  • "Let's go over here."
  • "We could check out here."
  • "Let's go over there, I'm bored here."
  • Mira! We should check that out!"
  • "Over there looks fun."
  • "Let's go here!"
  • "Amigos, let's go here!"
  • "Aquí, over here!"
  • "Let's check out over there!"
  • "Let's see what's up over there!"
  • "Let's go over there!"
Going here
  • "I'm going over here."
  • "I'm bored, checking out over here."
  • "If anyone needs me, I'll be over here."
  • "This is boring, I'm going that way."
  • "You have fun, amigo. I'm going over there."
  • "Looks more exciting over there."
  • "Going here!"
  • "Moving here!"
  • "Rolling this way!"
  • "Going over there!"
  • "Checking out over there!"
  • "Running over there!"
Watching here
  • "Got my eyes on this sector."
  • "Keeping an eye out here! Well, two eyes. Through goggles."
  • "Keeping a lookout on this spot."
  • "Got my eyes on that vector."
  • "Got my goggles set on that area."
  • "Keeping a lookout over there."
  • "Got my eyes this way!"
  • "Watching this direction!"
  • "Got it covered over here!"
  • "Got my eyes that way!"
  • "Watching that direction!"
  • "Looking over there!"
Someone's been here
  • "I think someone's been here; hopefully they still are, because I'm bored."
  • "Bad dudes have been through here."
  • "Thinking this place has already been sacked."
  • "I think someone's been over there."
  • "We're not the first to run through there."
  • "Yo, I think other squads have already been through there."
  • "Someone's been here!"
  • "Squads has hit this place!"
  • "Others have been here!"
  • "Someone's been there!"
  • "That place has already been hit!"
  • "Enemy squads have been through there already!"
Enemy reviving
  • "Enemy reviving here! Good. I was getting bored."
  • "Amigos, enemy reviving over there."
  • "Come on, come on! Enemy's reviving here!"
  • "Eh, scratch that."
  • "Forget I said anything."
  • "Oopssss, nevermind."
  • "Nevermind!"
  • "Ignore the last part!"
  • "Cancel that!"
I'll join you
  • "I'll go with; I could use someone to ricochet off of."
  • "Got your back, be right there."
  • "I'll go with you."
  • "On it!"
  • "Coming with!"
  • "That makes two of us!"
  • [to Lifeline]"I'll go with you hermana, hey, just like old times!"
On my way
  • "This is no time to be laying around, compadre, on my way!"
  • "Too slow, eh amigo? I'll get you."
  • "Don't get up, I'll meet you there!"
  • "You don't look so good, on my way!"
  • "I don't think so."
  • "Sorry bro, no."
  • "Sorry hermano, no."
  • "No way José."
  • "Nope!"
  • "Nah, we're all good here, amigo!"
  • "No."
  • "Sorry, no."
  • "No, gracias."
  • [to Lifeline] "No, chica!"
  • [to Lifeline] "No way Jo-Che!"
  • "Save that for me!"
  • "Dibs!"
  • "Yeah, I could use that."
  • "Want it!"
  • "Need it!"
  • [to Lifeline] "Hell yeah! The chica delivers!"
  • "Sí, por favor."
  • "I hear ya."
  • "Yes."
  • "Got it!"
  • !"
  • "Yup!"
  • [to Lifeline] "Loud and clear. hermana."
[Quip] Thanks
  • Gracias!"
  • "Thank you!"
[Quip] You're welcome
  • De nada!"
  • "Anytime brother."
  • "No problemo."
  • [to Revenant] "Hey, you and Che should get together. It'd be like two sticks-in-the-mud!"
  • [to Revenant] "Piece of advice amigo? Wanna go faster? Lose the loincloth."
[Quip] Nice/celebration
  • "¡Oye! ¡Que buen trabajo! Yepa!"
  • "¡Oye! ¡Que buen trabajo! Yeah!"
  • "Woohoo! We kick ass!"
  • "Let's GO!"
  • "Yes! We kick ass!"
  • "Yepa! We are awesome!"
[Quip] Revived/Thanks for the first-aid
  • [by Lifeline] (grunts) Knew I could count on you chica!"
Care Package
  • "Ey, we got a Care Package here."
  • "Care Package over there, let's get on that."
Care Package landing
  • "Ride on, it's raining Care Packages!"
  • "Care Package on its way down."
Foreign dropped cargo
  • "Mira, someone left dropped cargo here."
  • "Check it out, nobody's picked up that cargo."
Cargo Bot
  • "Check it out, Cargo Bot up here."
Destroyed door
  • "Door's been destroyed over there."
  • "That door's in pieces!"
Open door
  • "Door's open, someone could still be here."
  • "Door's open here!"
Enemy Surveillance Drone.png Surveillance Drone
  • "Enemy drone here. Okay, no pics por favor. No pics."
  • "Enemy drone out there."
Friendly Surveillance Drone.png Surveillance Drone
  • "Got a drone here; gotta make sure it gets my good side."
  • "Spotted a drone out there."
D.O.C. Heal Drone.png D.O.C. Heal Drone
  • "Health Drone here; hey, I remember this guy!"
  • "Health Drone here. Hey niño, long time no see."
  • "Look, Dropship out there! Those babies are fast!"
  • "Dropship coming in amigos!"
  • "Heads up, Dropship over us!"
  • "Dropship overhead!"
Enemy Nox Gas
  • "We should avoid this toxic gas cloud, compadres."
  • "Toxic gas cloud over there."
  • "Toxic gas here!"
  • "Toxic gas over there!"
Squad Nox Gas
  • "Hey, cool, friendly gas."
  • "Friendly gas, nice!"
Enemy smoke
  • "Smoke here, careful."
  • "Mira, I see smoke out there."
  • "We got smoke here!"
  • "Enemy smoke out there!"
Squad smoke
  • "Smoke, rock on."
  • "Smoke out!"
Enemy Nox Gas Trap.png Nox Gas Trap
  • "Ey, mira, there's a trap out there."
  • "There's a trap for us over there."
  • "Look out! Trap!"
  • "Careful! Trap over there."
Squad Nox Gas Trap.png Nox Gas Trap
  • "Mira, friendly trap here."
  • "Friendly trap here!"
Enemy Perimeter Security.png fence
  • "Enemy fence here. Gonna have to build them higher than that."
  • "Saw an enemy fence out there."
Squad Perimeter Security.png fence
  • "Fence here. Don't fence me in amigo."
  • "Spotted a fence out there."
Enemy Death Totem.png Death Totem
  • "Mira, enemy Totem here, keep an eye out for his owner."
  • "Another's Squad's Totem is over there."
Squad Death Totem.png Death Totem
  • "Check out the Totem here."
  • "Found a Totem here!"
  • "Backpack here. Level 1/2/3/4. Don't worry, it won't slow you down."
R-99 SMG
  • "R-99 here. She's fast like me."
Energy Ammo.svg Energy Ammo
  • "Anybody need Energy Ammo?"
  • "Got some health here if you're feeling weak."
  • "Yo check it, there's some health over there if you need it."
  • "Health here!"
  • "Health, up over there!"
Ultimate Accelerant
  • [to Lifeline]"Ultimate Accelerant here. Ey Che, you want this? You're so slow."
  • "Let's use this geyser! Boots on the ground is lame, amigo."
  • "Let's use that geyser, I hear you can get crazy clouds on them."
  • "Let's use this geyser!"
  • "We should use the geyser over there!"
  • "Get the banner, get to the Respawn Beacon, bring them back. I'm in."
  • "We can take that banner to a Beacon; race ya."
  • "We should grab that respawn banner!"
  • "We can respawn them with that banner!"
Interception Pylon.png Interception Pylon
  • "We've got an Interceptor here, good things my legs are analog."
  • "We've got an Interceptor out there."
Launch Pad.png Launch Pad
  • "There's a beautiful Jump Pad just sitting here..."
  • "Jump Pad out there."
  • "Jump Pad here!"
  • "Another Jump Pad over there!"
Black Market Boutique.png Black Market Boutique
  • "Check out the Black Market. Get in, get out."
Amped Cover.png Amped Cover
  • "Oh, look. A barrier's deployed here."
  • "Ah, look. A barrier's deployed here."
Emplaced Minigun -Sheila-.png Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "We've got a turret here."
Nox Gas Trap.png Nox Gas Trap
  • "Mira, friendly trap here."
Perimeter Security.png Perimeter Security
  • "Fence here. Don't fence me in, amigo."
  • "Watch were you step amigos, there's lava here."
  • "Ten cuidado, there's lava over there."
  • Mira! There's lava here!"
  • "Lava there!"
  • "Flyer here, it's big."
  • "Got a Flyer out there."
  • "That's a Leviathan right here; wow!"
  • "Leviathan over there; wooh."
Leviathan stepping down
  • "Mira, Leviathan foot coming down!"
  • "Leviathan foot coming down! Not very fast, are they?"
  • "Oye, Leviathan foot!"
  • "Leviathan foot, watch out!"
Loot Bunker
  • "Check it out. Loot Bunker over there."
Requesting an extended mag
  • "Keep an eye out for an extended mag, I don't want to blink and miss it."
Requesting Extended Energy Mag.svg Extended Energy Mag
  • "Looking for an extended Energy Mag; cause if there's one thing I need, is more energy."
Supply Bin
  • "Cool, Supply Bin here."
Extended Supply Bin
  • "Extended Supply Bin here. Ugh, why they gotta hide the good stuff?"
  • "Extended Supply Bin over there. Extra regalos in those things."
  • "Extended Supply Bin here. Ah, damn it! It's locked!"
  • [to Lifeline] "Extended Supply Bin here. Che, chica, come do that thing you do."
  • [to Lifeline] "Extended Supply Bin here, Che, come on, open it!"
Open Supply Bin
  • "Check it out, open Supply Bin here."
  • "Mira, open Supply Bin over there!"
Survey Beacon
  • "Check it out, Survey Beacon up here."
  • "Mira, Survey Beacon over there."
  • "Got a train near us!"
  • "Train's over there!"
  • "Train here!"
  • "Train there!"
  • Vámonos! We should catch that train!"
  • "Let's get on that train!"
Train stopped at a station
  • "Train's sitting at the station."
  • "Train's at the station!"
Vault Key.svg Vault Key
  • "Found a Vault Key here."
Vault, Key unobtained
  • "We gotta find that Key, come on already."
  • "Need that Vault Key!"
  • "Zipline here. I love these things."
  • "Zipline over there, wonder if I can jump over it."

Using Stim.png Stim
  • "It's go time!"
  • "Woo that's got a kick!"
  • "Faster, faster, faster!"
  • Rápido!"
  • "Must! Go! Faster!"
  • "Ready, set, go!"
Throwing a Launch Pad.png Launch Pad
  • "Throwing jump pad!"
  • "Jump pad out."
  • "Hitting the eject button!"
  • "Hit the ejector seat!"
Using Launch Pad.png Launch Pad
  • "Yepa!"
  • "Olé!"
  • [laughter]
  • "Booyah!"
  • "Yeaheaaah!"
Hit by Drone EMP.png Drone EMP
  • "That was an EMP. Wooh! Oh good, legs still work."
  • "We've been hit by an EMP."
Inside Drone EMP.png EMP area of effect
  • "EMP on they way, no bueno compadres."
  • "EMP incoming."
Inside Airstrike area
  • "Yo, we got an Airstrike coming down!"
  • "Airstrike, wohooooo!"
Recalled to Death Totem.png Death Totem
  • "Back at the Totem; ay, that was... [panting and chuckling] creepy!"
  • "Back at the Totem; ay, I think I need to sit down...... No."
  • "Whow, back at the Totem."
  • "Kicks back to the Totem."
Surveillance Drone.png Surveillance Drone destroyed
  • "Took down a drone."
  • "Booyah! That drone is finito!"
Silence.png Silenced
  • "Ay no! My abilities don't work. I'm... slow!"
  • "Ah, can't use my abilities!"

New Ranked Series beginning
  • "A new Ranked Series is kicking off amigos, vámonos!"
Apex Predator
  • "I am an Apex Predator; for the first time in my life, I'm speechless."
  • Soy un Apex Predator! This is the greatest day of my life!"
  • "Finally hit Diamond rank! Reminds me, I should look into diamond feet."
  • "Diamond rank! Hell yeah!"
  • "Platinum rank! To match my legs!"
  • Que siiii! Moved onto Platinum!"
  • "Check it out, your boy made Gold!"
  • "Hola, Gold rank."
  • "Heigh-ho Silver rank!"
  • "Made it to Silver!"
Ranked up
  • "Wepaaaaa, I ranked up!"
  • "Moving up the ranks fast! (laughs) Like there's any other way."
Ranked down
  • "Oye, I moved down a rank!"
  • "Going down in the ranks? Not cool."

  • "You think I'm loco now? You should see me with a sugar rush."
  • "Mira, I'm not sure we are alone here."
  • "Guys, I think somebody is here."
  • "Thinking we are not the only squad here amigos."
  • "Thought I saw something over there."
  • "You guys see that out there? I think something's up."
  • "Caught something out of the corner of my eye over there."
  • "Got the feeling someone's here!"
  • "I don't think we're the only ones here!"
  • "I think someone's here!"
  • "I think I saw someone!"
  • "Think something's up, out there!"
  • "I think something's over there!"
"Challenger" eliminated, unused
  • "Challenger's gone? Haha, what a loser."
  • "Challenger bit the dust, hope they had fun, haha"
Becoming the Challenger squad, unused
  • "Challenger squad achievement unlocked. Time to take down the champs."
  • "Challenger squad? (laughs) Wake me when we're champions."
Killed the Challenger, unused
  • "It'd be nice if the Challenger gave us... I don't know. A challenge?"
  • "Challenge this, compadre."
  • "Challenger's dead, direct all your thanks, to yours truly."
  • [Solo] "Got a Challenger kill, and no one even saw it!"
Unused Kill Quip
  • "Nuevo rey, nueva ley."
Unused "Wait" response Ping
  • "Hold on."
  • "One sec."
  • "Un momento por favor."
  • "One second!"
  • Un segundito!"
  • "Wait up!"
  • "Hold up!"
  • [to Lifeline] "Che! Hold up!"
Requesting extended Shotgun Mag, unused
  • "Let me know if you find an extended Shotgun Mag."
Requesting Bandolier, unused
  • "Looking for a Bandolier!"
  • "I need a Bandolier!"
Pinging "Objective", unused
  • "We've reached our objective compadres! It's right over here."
  • "Our objective is over there! Just a little bit further amigos."
  • "Our objective is here!"
  • "Our objective is over there!"
Pinging "Target", unused
  • "Our target's right here, so close I can taste it."
  • "Our target is over there, can you see it?"
  • "Target's here!"
  • "Target's over there!"
Pinging "Vault Panel", unused
  • "Amigos, got a Vault Panel here."
  • "Found a Vault Panel over there."
  • "Vault Panel here!"
  • "Vault Panel there!"

First blood
  • "First fatality, let the games begin!"
  • "Got our first worm food, compadres."
  • [by your Squad] "THAT'S how you kick off a match."
  • [by your Squad] "First blood, oh we got to do that again. And again. And, maybe again."
New Kill Leader appointed
  • "New Kill Leader? (Pfff) show off."
  • "New Kill Leader, (pfff) not for long, pal."
Champion eliminated
  • "Let's be honest, I'm the real champion here."
  • "(imitating Announcer) And your next Champion, is right here."
Killed the Champion
  • "Who took out the champ? We took out the champ."
  • "We took out the champ? I didn't even work up a sweat."
  • [Solo] "Adiós champ."
  • [Solo] "(laughs) Later chump."
Killed the Kill Leader
  • "Hey compadres! We just took out the Kill Leader!"
  • "We just killed the Kill Leader; okay, what now?"
  • "Kill Leader down, who's next?"
  • "Killed the Kill Leader, mano y mano."
Becoming the Kill Leader
  • "New Kill Leader right here, okay, what's next?"
  • "You're looking at the new Kill Leader, haha, what a rush."
  • "I'm the new Kill Leader, didn't even need help."
  • "The one, the only, the new Kill Leader, Octane!"
  • [to Lifeline] "You're looking at the new Kill Leader! Che, check it out; I'm good at this!"
Teammate becomes the Kill Leader
  • "You're the new Kill Leader. Uuuh, you're welcome?"
  • "Check out mi amigo, the new Kill Leader!"
  • "Mira, the new Kill Leader!"
  • [Squad Lifeline becomes the Kill Leader] "Whoa, chica, you're the new Kill Leader?! I didn't know you had it in you!"
  • [Squad Lifeline becomes the Kill Leader] "Mira, Che's the new Kill Leader! ¡No te metas con ella!"
Care Package incoming
  • "Care Package, sweeeet."
  • "Yo we should def check out that Care Package."
Replicator incoming
  • "Yo, Replicator's coming in for a landing."
  • "Replicator's on its way, amigos."
Half the squads left
  • "Hell yeah, half the squads are toasted."
  • "Half toasted, half to roast."
  • [Solo] "Half the squads left; this, is when things get good."
  • [Solo] "I've only got to worry about half the squads now."
  • [Solo] "I've only got to worry about half the bad guys now,"
Two enemy squads left
  • "Final two, that's how we do."
  • "Don't slow down now, only two other squads left."
  • "Two squads away from that win, amigos."
  • [Solo] "Only two other squads left, no problemo."
  • [Solo] "Two squads left, I got this."
One enemy squad left
  • "Just us, and them; come on amigos!"
  • [Solo] "One squad left versus little ol' me, haha, exciting."
  • [Solo] "Just me and them, this is gonna be fun."
Two enemies left
  • "Only two other enemies left, no problemo."
  • "Two bad guys left, I got this."
One enemy left, alone
  • "One more bad guy to go, (laughs), exciting!"

Reached Octane Gaunlet at Kings Canyon
¡Toma! Hahahaha! You see that, amigo? Skull Town crashes and burns but my baby doesn't have a scratch. ¡Es la leche!

History[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before being added to the game, Octane was teased with several Launch Pads placed around the outside of Market.
  • Octane's abilities are derived from Titanfall 2's Stim tactical ability, which provided both healing and speed. His backstory was inspired by the way players would speedrun The Pilot's Gauntlet using grenades for speed boosts. His reveal trailer contains a link to the world record run of 12 seconds by player CashMayo [2], and the Record Breaker loading screen shows "11.7" in the background, the current world record.[3]
  • Octane has a dialysis machine on his belt that filters his blood. This is why, in-universe, he can take stim so frequently and recover.[4]
  • Octane's endless supply of stim comes from Silva Pharmaceuticals, which his dad owns. However, his dad does not care about him enough to give him stim, so he just takes it.[5]
  • The tattoo on Octane's left arm has the Latin phrase "Plus Ultra" which translates to "Further beyond". Additionally, he also says "Non terrae plus ultra" when dropping from the dropship, which means "No land further beyond".
    • The latter phrase originated from the supposed inscription on the "Pillars of Hercules" (the location of which is traditionally identified as modern day Gibraltar) which delineated the then known world, signifying that there is nothing beyond it but danger. The former phrase is the motto of the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain Charles V, which is a boast signifying he intends to take the risk and conquer the world beyond the seas.
  • Octane had the option of waiting for his legs to heal up, but chose to instead have his legs replaced with robotic ones.[6]
  • Octane's legs are made of steel, Octane refers in ranked that they are the color of platinum "Platinum rank to match my legs!".
  • According to writer Tom Casiello, when Octane was 11, he asked for a puppy for Christmas. His dad's assistant sent him a rabbit three days after the holiday, which Octane named Navidad (shortened to Navi). Octane took the rabbit onto every stunt as a child, kept them in the front pocket of his jacket, and the rabbit never flinched. [7] Navidad died in their sleep, which Octane viewed as boring, and he would tell others that Navidad died in a rocket crashing into a planet. [8]
  • Octane’s last name, Silva, means "Forest" in Latin.
  • Octane dyes his hair. In the "Family Portrait" comic, he dyes his hair green. However, writer Tom Casiello implied that Octane dyes his hair a whole variety of colors.[9]

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