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The Lore of Apex Legends is connected to the larger Titanfall universe.

It is set a few years after the end of the Frontier War, the conflict featured heavily in both Titanfall 1 and 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Frontier War is over. After decades of conflict between the IMC and the militia founded to fight them, the region of space known as the Frontier can finally see peace.

But liberation can come at a cost: the Frontier worlds were left barren by the war, and promised aid dwindled to nothing. With no way to support themselves, those who remained had no choice but to leave their homes. The brave relocated to the Outlands.

A remote cluster of planets on the fringes of the Frontier, the Outlands are untouched by war and teeming with resources and opportunity. But life is cheap here, and danger lurks around every corner. Its pioneers, explorers, and outlaws used to spend their lives locked in an endless power struggle – now, they settle their differences in the Apex Games, a bloodsport where Legends from all corners of the Frontier compete for money, fame, and glory.

Current Story[edit | edit source]

Apex Legends is focused on the stories of the various legends that participate in the Apex Games, a highly popular, televised blood sport that is owned by the mysterious Mercenary Syndicate and managed by their Apex Games Commission headed by Kuben Blisk.

The Apex Games were initially hosted on Kings Canyon, an island located on the planet Solace. Construction of the arena for the games commenced some time in 2727 and was finished after a year, after which time the games presumably started. The arena at Kings Canyon has been used for 124 seasons, until an attack on the island's Repulsor Tower by Crypto allowed the entry of wildlife, resulting in a devastated arena.[1] The match, then in-progress, was halted and the legends evacuated. The Syndicate suspended the games after the attack and proceeded to make various modifications to the arena in order to increase viewership and contain the wildlife that invaded the island.[2] Various disturbances were reported within the arena, following the resumption of the games[3], which forced the Syndicate to relocate the games to World's Edge, another arena on the planet Talos.[4]

Following this move, a sponsorship was struck up with the "new" Hammond Robotics, one of the companies that used to make up the now-defunct IMC. This coincided with the entry of Forge, a legend sponsored by Hammond Robotics and the introduction of the Planetary Harvester to World's Edge. Before his entry into the games, however, he was murdered by Revenant.[5] With the people fearing for their lives and wanting to contain the simulacrum, Revenant was allowed to join the games as a way to distract him.

After some time, the games eventually returned to Kings Canyon again, but an underground explosion triggered by Loba Andrade, a highly-skilled thief masquerading as a high-society socialite, destroyed a significant part of the island, including Skulltown and Thunderdome.[6] Bangalore hurriedly apprehended Loba, but Syndicate PR Head, Jacob Young, alongside Hammond Robotics Legal Head, Cheryl Amacci, arrived and afterwards announced Loba as the new Legend who was granted allowance to participate in the games. This gave her a high advantage to begin her quest for the search of The Broken Ghost. More specifically, for the pieces of it scattered across the Shadowfall version of Kings Canyon. She mentioned that Revenant cannot find out about their plans. However, Crypto's drone was hacked by Revenant. Accusations of the supposed mole were thrown back and forth between Crypto and Caustic ending with the "A. Smartypants" taking the blame as the whistleblower. As the real mole was able to avoid blame and keep trust with the group from the earlier incident, Gibraltar confronted the real traitor, Caustic, revealing the reason for him to lie and deceive the group, is that he has "skeletons best kept buried".

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