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Character Select[edit | edit source]

  • "Enough flirting, save it for when we win."
  • "This outfit could use some high caliber accessories..."
  • "I'm always dressed to kill."
  • "Business IS my pleasure."
  • "After what I've seen, nothing down there scares me."
  • "Gold goes so well with a diamond like me."
  • "Time to dig up some gold."
  • "Underestimate me, and pay the price."
  • "What do you get for the girl that has everything? More."
  • "Let's not finish quickly. Where's the fun in that?"
  • "I came here for revenge, but I'll stay for the treasure."
  • "I've got what you need, if you can afford it."
  • "We'll get along beautifully, just don't touch my things."
  • "I don't settle, I'm not made that way."
  • "The girl with a cold hard cash is always Miss Right."
  • "Watch out: I'll eat you alive."
  • "We're going to do beautiful things together."
  • "Need something? I'm sure we can come to an agreement."
  • "Only the best for my friends."
  • "I'm looking for someone special to... take out."

Intro[edit | edit source]

  • "You think you're tough? Try fighting in six-inch heels."
  • "Come on, let's see if we're a match."
  • "I don't want to kill you. But, you're in my way."
  • "I've fought nightmares all my life. None of you scare me."
  • "I'll break your heart and then I'll break everything else."
  • "A powerful woman knows what she wants. And what I want is down there."
  • "Beauty is pain. I'm the beauty, and... well, you can guess the rest."
  • "Careful... I'll steal more than just your heart."
  • "I know what I came for. I'll get it one way or another."
  • "I know what I like. And I know how to get it."
  • "I know what you're looking for. Come see me."
  • "I'll take your life and your loot. I'm exceptionally good at both."
  • "I'm a maneater and a ladykiller. I enjoy variety."
  • "I'm the diamond - You're the rough."
  • "Most beautiful things are fragile. Not me."
  • "Pick out something nice for me, won't you?"
  • "Riches make the man. I can't wait to see what you're made of."
  • "There's a certain elegance to combat. I'll show you."
  • "Time to break some hearts."
  • "Wait until you see what I have in store."
  • "You can't be overdressed or overarmed."

Kills[edit | edit source]

  • Season 5 Battle Pass "Sorry beautiful. It's not you, it's me."
  • Season 7 Battle Pass "I’ve been saving this for a special occasion."
  • Season 8 Battle Pass "How kind of you to roll out the red carpet."
  • "A faint heart never won a lady like me."
  • "A fool and their treasures are soon parted."
  • "A gun is like a beautiful woman. Hold her tight or someone else will."
  • "A lady never kills and tells."
  • "All that loot looks heavy, let me help you with that."
  • "All this for me? You definitely should have."
  • "And here's what's left of your legacy, took away in a box."
  • "Beauty before whatever you are."
  • "Brought to your knees by a beautiful woman, don't be so surprised."
  • "Don't be embarrassed, it happen to everyone sometimes."
  • "Even nightmares aren't so frightening in the light of day."
  • "Goodnight beautiful. Maybe this will go better in your dreams."
  • "I could sell the clothes off your back but I'm in a bit of a hurry."
  • "I had to claw my way to the top, you thought I was going to let you stop me?"
  • "I make it look easy, don't I?"
  • "I stopped being afraid a long time ago, you should give it a try."
  • "It was fun while it lasted... For me."
  • "It's been a pleasure doing business with you."
  • "It's not just about having it, it's about taking it."
  • "It's nothing personal, maybe we'll be friends next time."
  • "Learn the steps before you try tango with me."
  • "Now for the best part... Looting your corpse."
  • "Now, let's see what treasures you have for me."
  • "One little fight is no reason to lose your composure."
  • "Thanks for holding my things, beautiful."
  • "The most beautiful creatures has the deadliest venom."
  • "The quickest way to a man's heart, it's through his chest."
  • "This was a match made in heaven, well maybe not for you."
  • "To the victor goes the spoils."
  • "What can I say? You were in my way."
  • "What lovely treasures. I think I'll take them."
  • "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine."
  • "What, did I distract you? That's never happened before."
  • "When you've been chased by nightmares nothing scares you."
  • "Would you like a kiss to make it better? Dream on."
  • "You can't take it with you because I'm taking it with me."
  • "You drive a hard bargain. I'm glad we could come to an agreement."
  • "You got blood on my shoes!"
  • "You had me in your sights and you couldn't closed the deal. Typical."
  • "You made the mistake of taking what I wanted."
  • "You were just going to spray and pray? Where's your sense of style?"

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. You're falling for me already."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Don't worry, I'll take care of you."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. I do like taking the reins."
  • "Lovely, I'm the Jumpmaster."
Here we go/Diving as Jumpmaster
  • "Remember - Eyes on the prize."
  • "Let's find something good."
  • "Eyes on the prize"
Skydive Emote
  • "Woooo!"
  • "Yeah! Hahahaha..."
Taking damage
  • "They're shooting at me."
  • "Taking fire."
  • "Damn it. I'm hit."
  • "Taking damage."
Another Squad attacking
  • "There's another Squad on us."
  • "Another Squad's attacking."
Inside Airstrike area
  • "Airstrike!"
  • "Get down. Airstrike."
Healing up
  • "Healing."
  • "Hold on. I need to heal."
Opening fire on the enemy
  • [Far] "I hurt them."
  • "Shooting."
  • "Firing."
Downed an enemy
  • "Enemy down."
  • "Target down."
  • "Enemy dropped."
Another enemy down
  • "Dropped another one."
Multiple Enemies downed
  • "Downed more than a few. They keep falling for me."
  • "I downed a few enemies. I lost count after three"
  • "Don't mind me, just taking out a small army."
Killed an enemy
  • "Enemy killed."
  • "Took care of that one."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "Don't feel bad, I've been doing this since I was ten."
  • "Knocked out by a knockout."
Whole squad down
  • "Another Squad down."
  • "That was the end of that Squad."
  • "We took out the whole Squad."
  • "Whole Squad down. Now, let see what they left us."
  • "Whole Squad down. And they left gifts."
Squad Scattered
  • "We're scattered, boys and girls. Come on, I don't bite."
  • "Damn it, that hurt. I'm down.
  • "I'm down."
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "It's your lucky day. I've got you."
  • "Come on, I still need you."
  • [to Revenant] "Die later. We need more firepower.
    • "Die later. We need firepower now!"
  • [to Revenant] "You can die when I'm done with you."
Successful self-revive
  • "They underestimated me. Perfect."
  • "Not my first dance with death. I lead. It follows."
  • "Oh! I couldn't leave so many treasures behind.
    • "I couldn't leave so many treasures behind."
  • "I'm not done yet."
Performing Last Request finisher
  • "You should smile more."
Just the two of us now
  • "Just us now. I hope I can count on you.
  • "Lost one. We're on our own now."
  • [with Revenant] "Lost one. Now I'm stuck with the demon. Wonderful."
  • [with Revenant] "Lost a teammate. It should have been you, (demon/demonio)."
Grenade in area
  • "Grenade. Move."
  • "Grenade!"
Got our Squadmate's banner
  • "I looted our teammate's banner."
  • "I have our teammate's banner. Lucky them."
  • [to Revenant] "Speak of the devil, I have his banner."
Vault Key.svg Vault Key acquired
  • "I found a Vault Key. That was almost too easy."
  • "I've the Vault Key!"
Opened vault
  • "I opened the vault. Ladies first."
Arc Star.svg Arc Star thrown.
  • "Tossing an Arc Star."
  • "Throwing an Arc Star."
Thermite Grenade.svg Thermite Grenade thrown
  • "Tossing Thermite."
  • "Thermite out."
Flyer shot down
  • "Flyer down. Sorry, beautiful."
Cargo Bot shot down
  • "Cargo bot knocked. Now, let's see what it has for me."
  • "Shot a cargo bot."

Exiting Trident
  • “Making my exit here.”
Dropping Holo-Spray
  • "A parting gift."
  • "Sealed with a kiss."
  • [with Revenant] "You're not used to feeling this way. Powerless. Ineffective. Impotent. Well, there's a first time for everything."

Pings[edit | edit source]

Pinging location in dropship
  • "I bet that's a good spot. Woman's intuition."
  • "I like this spot."
  • "Let's land here."
Pinging location
  • "Let's go here."
  • "Let's see what we have over here."
  • "I bet we'll find something good here."
    • "I bet we'll find something good here. Woman's intuition"
    • "I bet we'll find something good here. Fish's intuition"
  • "This way. Let's go."
  • "Come with me -- over here."
  • "Quick. Here."
  • [to Revenant] "The hell with that and the hell with you."
Calling Dibs
  • "Dibs."
  • "I'll take that."
  • "Just what I needed."
Canceled ping
  • "I changed my mind."
  • "Forget it."
  • "Nevermind."
  • "Actually, no."
Pinging Enemy
  • "Enemy right here."
  • "I have eyes on the enemy."
  • "Enemy here."
  • "Target here."
  • "I spy an enemy."
  • "Look out, enemy here."
  • "I see an enemy." (far)
  • "Enemy there." (far)
  • "Target over there" (far)
  • "Watch out. Enemy there." (far)
  • "Enemy that way" (far)
Looting this area / Looting over here
  • "I need something. Checking here."
  • "Checking supplies over here. Don't worry, I'll share."
  • "Looting here. I've got a good feeling about this."
  • "Mmmmm… What treasures will I find here…"
  • "This looks like a good place to loot."
  • [Far] "Looting over there."
Attacking here
  • "They've got what I want. Hitting them here"
    • "Hitting them here."
  • "Time to start some trouble…"
  • [Far] "I think I might start a fight over there."
Going here / Heading to a location
  • "Going this way."
  • "I'm going to check this out."
  • "I like the look of this spot. I won't go far."
  • [Far] "Checking out what's over there. If I need you, you'll know."
  • [Far] "Going to take a peek over there."
  • [Far] "If anyone needs me, I'll be over there."
Enemy Activity / Location Compromised
  • "Someone's already been through here. I don't do hand-me-downs."
  • "Someone's been there. Keep an eye out."
Defending this area
  • "Defending this spot."
  • "I'll hold this spot."
  • "I'll be keeping them away from this spot."
  • [Far] "I'll set up some defense over there."
  • [Far] "That looks like a perfect place to defend."
Watching here
  • "Keeping watch here. I'll let you know if I see anything."
  • "I got eyes on this spot."
  • "I'll keep watch over here."
On my way
  • [to Revenant] “I’m coming for you, bastard.”
  • [to Revenant] “I’m coming for you, you son of a bitch.”
Pinging Teammate's Banner
  • "Get that banner, now!"
Pinging L-STAR EMG
  • "L-STAR here. Isn't she lovely?"
Pinging Devotion LMG
  • "Devotion here. Isn't she lovely?"
Pinging Kraber .50-cal Sniper
  • "Kraber here, she's top of the line.
Pinging Treasure pack
  • "Treasure pack here."
  • "Treasure pack here. How charming."
Pinging Supply Ship
  • "Supply ship over there."
  • "Supply Ship over there... just waiting to be looted."
Pinging Flyer
  • "Flyer over there. They like the finer things."
  • "Flyer here. Isn't she beautiful?"
Pinging Perimeter Security.png Perimeter Security
  • "Fence here."
Pinging Enemy Perimeter Security.png Perimeter Security
  • "Enemy fence here."
Pinging Nox Gas Trap.png Nox Gas Trap
  • "This trap's ours, right?"
Pinging Enemy Nox Gas Trap.png Nox Gas Trap
  • "Enemy trap here. They thought they were clever."
Pinging Dome of Protection.png Dome of Protection
  • "Shield up here."
Pinging Dimensional Rift.png Dimensional Rift
  • "Portal here."
Pinging Launch Pad.png Launch Pad
  • "Jump pad here."
Pinging Black Market Boutique.png Black Market Boutique
  • "Black Market here. In the mood for some shopping?"
  • "Black Market here.
  • "Black Market there. Go on - See what's inside." (far)
  • [to Fuse] “Black Market here. I’m sure I have something fit for a Champion of Salvo.”
  • [to Fuse] “Black Market here. See anything that suits you, Mr. Fitzroy?”
Pinging Enemy Black Market Boutique.png Black Market Boutique
  • "Enemy Black Market here. They shouldn't leave their things lying around."
Pinging Death Totem.png Death Totem
  • "Totem here. It makes my skin crawl."
Pinging Amped Cover.png Amped Cover
  • "Barrier here."
Pinging Enemy Amped Cover.png Amped Cover
  • "Got an enemy barrier in the way."
Pinging Emplaced Minigun -Sheila-.png Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Turret here."
Pinging Enemy Emplaced Minigun -Sheila-.png Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Damn, there's an enemy turret here."
Pinging Gravity Lift.png Gravity Lift
  • "Gravity life here. Hmm, that’s some impressive tech."
Pinging Gravity Lift.png Gravity Lift
  • "Watch it, Black Hole here."
Pinging Enemy Trap
  • "Enemy trap here. They thought they were clever."
Pinging Care Package
  • "Care Package over there... just waiting to be opened."
  • "Care Package over here. Let's see what we have."
Pinging Loot Tick
  • "Loot tick here. Aren't you pretty?"
Pinging Explosive Hold when doesn't have ordnance
  • "Just waiting to be cracked. Who will do the honors?"
Pinging Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield
  • "Evo Shield here"
    • "Ready to do some damage?"
Pinging Legendary Items
[Quip] Thanking teammate
  • "Aren't you sweet. Thank you.
  • "Thanks, beautiful."
  • [to Revenant] "I hope you don't expect me to thank you."
  • [to Revenant] "I'm not thanking you, (demon/demonio)."
  • [to Pathfinder] "Thanks, but don't forget: I'm keeping an eye on you, robot."
[Quip] Thanking Squadmate for the first-aid
  • "Well, aren't you sweet?"
  • "I owe you one, beautiful."
    • "Whew - I owe you one, beautiful."
  • [to Revenant] "Get your claws off me."
  • [to Revenant] "Talk about them again. I dare you."
  • [to Revenant] "Even when you are helping, you are appalling."
  • [to Revenant] "Ugh, and they say chivalry is dead"
  • [to Bangalore] "Thank you sergeant."
  • [to Bangalore] "Kind of you to have my back."
[Quip] You're welcome
  • [After first-aid] "You’re sweet, i couldn’t let you go to pieces”
  • [After first-aid] “Of course, beautiful. I’ll always remember this moment.”
  • "Only the best for my friends."
  • "Don't forget who hooked you up."
  • [to Revenant] "Shut up, (demon/demonio). Your voice is grating."
    • "Shut up. Your voice is grating."
  • [to Revenant] "Ugh..."
  • [to Revenant] "Would you be quiet? I can't hear myself think."
  • [to Revenant when ask for his Source code ] "When I know, you'll know."
  • [to Revenant] "You talk a lot... for someone without a mouth."
[Quip] Nice / Celebration
  • "Well, aren't you impressive... I might have to add you to my collection."
  • "That was lovely. Let's do it again sometime."
  • "Ahh haha... Beautifully done."
    • "Ha! Beautifully done."
    • "Ahh... Beautifully done."

Arena Status[edit | edit source]

First blood
  • [By Squad] "Took First blood. I don't hold back."
  • "First blood. That was quick."
  • "First blood already... That's what happens when you get too excited."
Champion killed
  • "Looks like that Champion was all talk."
  • "Guess the Champion couldn't keep up."
  • [By Squad] "Looks like we killed the Champion. I thought it would be more exciting."
Appointed as Kill Leader
  • "I'm the new Kill Leader. I'd rather be looting, but, if they insist."
  • "I'm the Kill Leader. They should have stayed out of my way."
  • "Mmm... Kill Leader. Has a nice ring to it."
  • "Hmm, Kill Leader. Has a nice ring to it."
  • [Solo] "I'm the Kill Leader. A lone wolf with a bite."
New Kill Leader appointed
  • "Ooh, we have a new Kill Leader. I can't wait to meet them."
  • "New Kill Leader? Interesting."
  • [Squadmate Revenant appointed] "The demon is our Kill Leader. Of course… it's all he knows."
Care Package inbound
  • "Hmm, I feel good about this Care Package. Shall we?"
  • "Ooh... Care Package on the way. I like the sound of that."

Ring Status[edit | edit source]

First Round, inside ring area
  • "We're already in the next Ring. Good. More time to loot.
  • "We're already in the next Ring. There'd better be some good loot around here."
Round 1, outside Ring area (far)
  • "The next Ring's far. Come on, loot as you go, boys and girls."
  • "The next Ring's far. There better be something good along the way."
Round 1 closing
  • "We're all outside the Ring and a wall of death is coming our way.
  • "Time's up and we're not in the Ring. Move. Now."
Round 3 closing
  • "Already inside the Ring. Now they'll have to come to me."
Last Round's Ring closing, outside area
  • "Last Ring's closing. Move if you don't want to get cooked."
  • "This is it. The last Ring's on the way."
Last Round's Ring closing, inside area
  • "The last Ring's headed this way. Let's end this."
  • "Last Ring's moving in. It's about to get hot in here."
Ten seconds until Ring closes
  • "Ten seconds until the Ring closes. Grab what you need and let's go."
  • "We've got 10 seconds. I hate to say it, but, looting time's over."
  • "Ten seconds to get to the Ring."
  • [Solo] "Ten seconds until the Ring closes. I've got to move."
Thirty seconds until Ring closes
  • "We've got 30 seconds to be somewhere else if we don't want to get cooked."
  • "We've got 30 seconds to get to the next Ring. If you go down, I'm not carrying you."
Forty-five seconds until Ring closes
  • "Forty-five seconds until ring Closes. We've got time, but not much."
  • "We have 45 seconds, and the next Ring's right there. Don't leave anything good behind."
One minute until Ring closes
  • "We've got a minute until the Ring closes. If you want it - Bag it."
  • "One minute until the Ring closes and everything here is gone for good."
  • [Far] “We’ve got a long way to go and a minute to do it. Let’s go.”
  • [Solo] "I've got a minute and the next Ring's nearby. Better grab what I can."
  • [Solo] "Ooh - I've got a minute to dig up something good before the Ring closes."
  • [Solo] "One minute until the Ring closes. Still got time to loot."

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Using Burglar's Best Friend.png Burglar's Best Friend
  • "Jump Drive out."
  • "Jump Drive in position."
  • "Activating Jump Drive."
  • "Tossing Jump Drive."
  • "Throwing Jump Drive."
  • "Jump Drive set."
Setting Black Market Boutique.png Black Market Boutique
  • "Setting up shop."
  • "Welcome to the shop, I've got just the thing for you."
  • "Open up shop and shut'em down."
  • "Opening shop. Come see the merchandise."
  • "Shop's open. For V.I.P.s only."
  • "Shop's open for business."
  • "Shop's open, boys and girls."
  • "Let's do some shopping."
  • "Anyone up for some shopping?"
Using Black Market Boutique.png Black Market Boutique
  • "Don't mind if I do."
  • "Mama's got a brand new bag."
  • "My favorite kind of loot - the kind that's all mine."
  • "Mama's got you now."
  • "You are coming home with me tonight."
  • [During combat] "Hell of a time to go shopping."
  • [During combat] “Buy and fly, we gotta move!”
Squadmate uses Black Market Boutique.png Black Market Boutique
  • "Remember who hooked you up. I've got your back."
  • "Nice choice, you've got good taste."
  • [to Revenant] "I'll throw in a few extra bullets just for you."
  • [to Revenant] "You don't deserve my help, demonio. Remember that."
Silence.png Silenced
  • "No, no, no. I can't use my abilities."
  • "No... I can't use my abilities."
  • "My abilities are gone."
Surveillance Drone.png Surveillance Drone shot down
  • "No more eye in the sky."
  • "Drone down."
Inside Drone EMP.png Drone EMP area
  • "Watch out, EMP."
  • "EMP. Get down."
Damaged by Drone EMP.png Drone EMP
  • "I'm hit. EMP."
  • "I've been EMP'ed."

Lobby[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Back to Kings Canyon, how nostalgic."
  • "Kings Canyon it is. I've done some of my best work there."
Switching to World's Edge
  • "How quaint. We're off to World's Edge."
  • "Back to World's Edge. Still a few mysteries to dig up."
Switching to Olympus
  • "Off to Olympus, a high-class place for a high-class lady."
  • "Ah, Olympus. I do love the high life."

Ranked[edit | edit source]

New Ranked Series
New Split
Rank up
Rank down
Ranked Tier2 Silver.png Silver
Ranked Tier3 Gold.png Gold
Ranked Tier4 Platinum.png Platinum
Ranked Tier5 Diamond.png Diamond
Ranked Tier7 Apex Predator.png Apex Predator