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Loading Screens are a type of unlockable cosmetic item introduced in Season 2.svg Season 2. They allow you to change the image displayed while loading into a match. Default screens are kept once a season is over, and can be found by going to your loading screen menu.

Players can select each loading screen individually, set it to Random to select a random screen each match, or set it to Default to use a loading screen appropriate to the map.

Unlockable Loading Screens[edit | edit source]

Image Description Earned
King's Canyon Classic.png
King's Canyon - Classic
Once a simple settlement on the planet Solace dating back to the earliest expeditions to the Frontier, the island known as Kings Canyon didn't thrive until a century later, when the now-defunct IMC built several outposts centered around scientific research and development. In fact, it's rumored that the IMC conducted experiments using phase shift technology here, although explorers have yet to find any evidence that proves this. To blow off steam, IMC soldiers stationed here would compete in gladiator-esque combat in an area they nicknamed 'Thunderdome'. Years later, when the Syndicate commissioned the rebuilding of the island of Kings Canyon as the home of their newest bloodsport, they insisted Thunderdome remain untouched - a tribute to the earliest known predecessor of what we know today as 'The Apex Games'
Default from the Apex Arch.png Pre-Season to Season 1.svg Season 1.
King's Canyon Battle Charge.png
King's Canyon - Battle Charge
Native to the Frontier, Leviathans roam the majority of planets that contain rich vegetation. Although classified as omnivores by the IMC’s Animal & Wildlife Research Division, these 400 meter tall creatures mainly consume fruits and vegetables as their primary diet. The majestic Leviathan may seem intimidating due to its gigantic size, but they are hardly aggressive; considered only dangerous when in close proximity to highly populated areas due to overwhelming power of their movements. To protect research facilities, cities and colonies near Leviathan territories, the IMC developed Repulsor Towers (Dog-whistle towers) to emit high-frequency sounds that only Leviathans could hear, which kept the creatures at a safe distance. However if a tower were to fall, please evacuate quickly - your life may depend on it.
Default since Season 2.svg Season 2.
Loadingscreen Meltdown 2.png
Season 3 Battle Pass World’s Edge – Meltdown
The once uninhabitable world of Talos became a hotbed of IMC activity when a rare mineral compound was discovered beneath its surface. Heat-reducing towers were built to super-cool its natural lava flows, and the town of World’s Edge grew around them.
Decades ago, an explosion in one of the towers covered the surrounding area in a lethal flash freeze. Today, World’s Edge is deserted, its borders inhabited by a small community of hunters who reportedly spurn modern technology
Battle Pass Level 15
Loadingscreen A New Dawn.png
Season 3 Battle Pass A New Dawn
Dearest Brigida,
We landed on Talos, and despite the horror stories my brother told about volcanoes, it’s beautiful here. The coolant system helps you forget there’s molten lava outside your front door, and outside my office are these amazing geysers. I can’t wait for you to see them in person. You, or our young one. This is a new beginning for us, Brigida. I promise.
Love, Johann
P.S. The rumors are true. My brother has given up electricity. I know, I know. But it’s only for a few weeks until the house is ready, and I want to respect Artur’s wishes. I love you. And I can’t wait to start our life together...
Battle Pass Level 15
Bangalore wallpaper.png
Season 2 Battle Pass A Hero's Fall - Bangalore
I call him Jackie, but he’ll slap you sideways if you print that. Stick with Jackson. And he’s not gone. Always equip your Jump Kit first... That Pilot was a stickler for protocol, to the end. Not that it’s the end. I just hope he found some peace. Maybe settled down. He was always great with kids...taught me everything I know. He said sometimes you only have time to chamber a single round. So you have to know how to do it right. The last thing I said to him was he’s worried about nothing. Four and a half seconds later, I’m watching him-- he’s in skyfall. ‘Worried about nothing.’ Do you know how insufferable that boy will be, sitting on ‘I told you so’ for over a decade? I’ll never hear the end of it. Actually, know what? Print ‘Jackie’. It’ll drive him crazy. But this way, he’ll know it’s really me. Sometimes you only have time to chamber a single round. Got to do it right.
Battle Pass Level 74
Loadingscreen Send in the Clowns.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Send in the Clowns - Bangalore
Numbnuts! That’s what Mama used to call guys like that. You know the type. Big jokes, big trucks, big wallets...they need all that big to cover up what’s small. I got four brothers. Real gentlemen, raised with respect. They don’t have to woo-hoo their way through a battlefield like it’s a joke and they’re the punchline. Sorry, Laughtrack. The only punchline is you’re going home in a box.
Maybe Silva isn’t so bad. He’d take a bullet for anyone… mostly ‘cause he’s already fifty paces ahead, charging in with no game plan and even less strategy. Witt’s had my back more than once. And whatever, he’s gotten a chuckle out of me. Occasionally. Maybe they’re good. For morale, I mean. I mean… I just need them to stay out of my way.
Battle Pass Level 39
Bloodhound plaguedoctor screen.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Ravenous - Bloodhound
It is a gift to be an Apex Legend, but the true test is in the eyes of the Allfather. Each day brings me closer to honoring my felagi fighters who put have their lives ahead of my own. For them, I am prepared to face every challenge no matter what form the beast of the night chooses to take. As the prey stalks, the hunter hunts. Trust in nature, trust in yourself - that is the path to victory.
Battle Pass Level 14
Loadingscreen True Warrior.png
Season 3 Battle Pass True Warrior - Bloodhound
Hmm, he appears to be a competent ally in this photo. That is a pleasant surprise. He has fought at my side before and I have never met such a miklimunr.
But perhaps I am being unkind. He has survived his share of slatra. His tricks of the eye are a blessing to the hunt. In the heat of battle, he vinna. Hap this is an image of the true warrior hidden within him.
Battle Pass Level 47
Caustic blackheart screen.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Blackheart's Rage - Caustic
Yes, I’ve heard about criminals posing as Legends, and they’re as derivative as they are pathetic. Take this prison break. I admit there are similarities to my modus operandi, but the cloud formations… that’s where they went wrong. My gas wafts through the air as if dancing with death. Not like the spray of some hick fireman’s two decade old extinguisher, as shown here. Anybody with a tenth of my brain power can see this for what it is: amateurs playing dress-up in a desperate attempt to gain notoriety. But considering your banal, lackluster brand which you dare call ‘journalism’? A tenth of my intellect is giving you far too much credit. Do you have any more questions that might illuminate your ignorance? Very well. Enjoy your day.
Battle Pass Level 34
Loadingscreen Streets of Suotamo.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Streets of Suotamo - Crypto
[Excerpt From The Outlands’ Journal] -
Disgraced computer technician, Tae Joon Park, was believed to be spotted back on the streets of Suotamo on Gaea. Third-party security teams, given full authority by the Syndicate council, have been dispatched. Mystik, Joon’s former caretaker at Ticacek Orphanage, was briefly taken into custody for interrogation, but has since been released and is not considered a person of interest.
Battle Pass Level 07
Loadingscreen Books and Covers.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Books and Covers - Crypto
Mystik -- I survived my first match, with only two broken ribs. Being as safe as I can, and keeping my distance. Unfortunately, the others are already asking about the Tower. The one Legend you love confronted me on the dropship. I thought he had evidence, but it turns out he’s just an idiot.
There are two others here who are BIG guys. Like your son. Very intimidating. I’m sure one’s a sociopath, but I may have judged the other too soon. His name is Makoa Gibraltar, and he’s here to help Legends survive. I always chalked the Games up to neanderthals trying to prove something. Turns out some of them have a strong code of ethics. Ironically, the only neanderthal I’ve met trying to prove something… is me.
Burn this letter as soon as you receive it. Will write when I can. Family forever. --TJP
Battle Pass Level 71
Loadingscreen Codename Crypto.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Codename Crypto - Crypto
Apex Approval Report: Hyeon Kim, codename Crypto
Status: Cleared background check, passed all evals. Fresh angle. Ready for deployment at season initiation
Notes: Honestly, something feels off. He’s spotless – no warrants, no enemies, not even a truancy notice. Who stays that clean their whole life, then joins the Games? Put him in, but you should probably keep an eye on him.
Battle Pass Level 87
Gibraltar milleniumtusk screen.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Tip of the Spear - Gibraltar
Being an Apex Legend takes courage, strength, and confidence...or as some call it, ‘Just being Gibraltar’ heh heh… We all put passion in our matches and fight like each day depends on it; my work with S.A.R.A.S. taught me that. You need to love what you do, care about what you do, and believe in your ability to do what you do; my parents taught me that. Finally, brothas, trust in those around you, protect those around you, and never forget that no matter how big you are, the world is always bigger; the Apex Games taught me that. Let’s go change a life!
Battle Pass Level 04
Loadingscreen Rose Colored Legends.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Rose-Colored Legends - Gibraltar
I hear all their nicknames. Jolly-Gib. Chuckles. Mr. Sunshine. They poke fun at my disposition, but Gibraltar has his bad days too. The secret to life ain’t happiness, brother. It’s knowing the unhappy times won’t last forever.
You know who gets that? Pathfinder. Boy, we’ve had some showdowns in the Games. Ones I thought for sure would end with him in the trash heap. But that scrappy little MRVN always comes back, with an even better attitude. He could be one bullet away from being recycled, and still find the bright side in it. The others all think he’s nuttier than my Uncle Jerret at a peanut farm… but that robot lives better than most humans I’ve met. Reminds me of… well, let’s just say he reminds me of someone else I used to know…
Battle Pass Level 79
Lifeline wallpaper.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Paying Forward - Lifeline
They call us Legends… that’s good for them, but I couldn’t care less. I’m not here for the title. After the war, many people were left with nothing. If you ask me, it doesn’t matter what side they were on. We all had our own part in the war. No one is truly innocent, so we all deserve help. Like I said, I don’t care about the title, but don’t let that fool you, I am here to win...for them. The Legends are out there...they just don’t know it yet.
Battle Pass Level 84
Mirage wallpaper.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Me, Myself, and I - Mirage
Why did I become a Legend? One reason: women. I kid. Real reason? Beautiful women. Sorry. They say I use humor as a defense mechanism, but hello... self-deprecation is my defense mechanism. Humor’s my crutch. Or maybe my fallback? I don’t know, one of those. I guess at the end of the day, the Games give people a reason to cheer. Aren’t a whole lot of those left in the Outlands these days. Cool to be part of that. All I have to do is die young. So…yeah…anyhoo, I’m just pulling your leg, it’s totally for the babes.
Battle Pass Level 24
Loadingscreen Humble Witt.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Humble Witt - Mirage
It’s always: Mirage, what do you put in your hair? Mirage, how many trophies do you have? Mirage, will you marry my whole family? They love you! But this is the first time I’ve been asked about my pork chops. It’s an old Witt Family dela...delacass... um - food recipe; passed down from my great grandfather Gryz Witt. Start with the glaze: 80ml dijon mustard, 100ml honey, 30ml maple syrup, 15g cinnamon, 15g ground cloves. Mix that baby up good. Take the pork chops and salt ‘em, pepper ‘em, add light cayenne, then sear those sweets in hot oil. Next, smother them darlings in the glaze and pop those lovelys in the oven at 190 for 10-12 minutes and you’ve got my mom’s favorite meal. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a family secret....
Battle Pass Level 02
Loadingscreen Mirages Worst Day.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Mirage's Worst Day - Mirage
It was probably the worst day of my entire life… When I found out that they were missing, I feared they’d be gone forever. I called my mom and we cried for hours. We grew up together, took care of each other… it was the first time I truly understood what love was. When I was a little kid, I remember we snuck into one of the last Thunderdome games before they shut down and out of nowhere came torent...torre….it began to rain a lot. My first reaction was to protect those little guys. Sure, it’s just rain, but I didn’t want them to get soaked. I thought I could protect them forever… but I failed. It’s my fault. I let those pieces of hair get seared by that explosion, and now….and now my little babies may never return… I could go bald! I got to go...sorry
Battle Pass Level 31
Octane wallpaper.jpg
Season 2 Battle Pass Record Breaker - Octane
Where did you get this photo? I’ve never seen this before. Do you know, I remember everything about this moment. Know what I’m thinking here? Not ‘I can’t feel my legs’ or ‘are those my feet dangling by the bone?’. No, I’m thinking how cool it is that thousands of people are cheering for me, and they’re still not as loud as the heartbeat in my ears. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. That was the moment I realized: life isn’t worth living, if you don’t know this feeling. Mind if I keep this, compadre? I love this shot. This was the single greatest day of my life. Mi cumpleaños. The day I was born.
Battle Pass Level 94
Pathfinder modelp screen.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Seeking the Creator - Pathfinder
I’m Marvin, but my best friends call me Pathfinder. I love being an Apex Legend because that means my banner is on display for everyone in the Outlands to see, especially my creator whoever they are. Competing alongside so many skilled fighters each match is really cool and it makes me very excited to know that I am everyone’s favorite squadmate to fight with; my friend Mirage told me that. He also said that I don’t get sarcasm, which was also nice to hear...I think.
Battle Pass Level 64
Loadingscreen Pathfinder the Poet.png
Season 3 Battle Pass Pathfinder the Poet - Pathfinder
Hi! I’m Marvin and I love everything. I’ve learned a lot from so many talented people, like how to dance, cook, wash dishes, to swing on a trapeze, to fly a ship, to construct buildings, to fight, and almost how to write poetry. Here’s one!
There once was a robot crusader.
Who searched the universe for his creator.
He’s worked every job,
loves corn on the cob,
and has no idea how limericks work.
Battle Pass Level 31
Loadingscreen Mirror Images.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Mirror Images - Revenant
(1/5) Your first horrific thought is: where's my tongue? Never mind the piece of elevator in your neck, or the fact that you're not in any pain. Why don't you have a tongue? And that's when you see it. A blip at first. Like static in the air. A glitch. And within the glitch... a face. A new face. No. Not new. It's the face that chases you in your nightmares. The face that leaves you twisted in sweat-soaked sheets. Except this isn't a nightmare. It's a mirror. And that's not your nightmare. It's your reflection. This is the moment the program breaks down. When you realize what you are. And the next thought you have sends a bolt of ice down your spine that will stay with you forever: who gives a crap about not having a tongue, when you no longer have a mouth...
Battle Pass Level 57
Loadingscreen Lies.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Lies - Revenant
(2/5) Everything you know is a lie. The toothbrush on your sink. Lie. The coffee on your nightstand. Lie. The bacon in your fridge. Lie. Is anything real? Yes. Lots of things are real. Like that time you drowned because no one heard you banging against the ice. Or when that bomb went off and you learned what it felt like when your eyeballs melted in their sockets. Or the time you refused to beg for your life, even as the knife plunged into your chest, and you heard the sound of your own skin tearing, and the blade scraping against the bone inside you. Hitmen don't die peacefully in their sleep. Hundreds, thousands of these horrific deaths crash into you all at once. Someone must pay. Must suffer. That's when you know your first stop. That's when you go to the Syndicate...
Battle Pass Level 62
Loadingscreen The Program.png
Season 4 Battle Pass The Program - Revenant
(3/5) His name is Lowell, and he's sniveling about his kids. You'd roll your eyes, if you had eyes, because now you understand. They're just bags of blood and tissue. Goop, dressed in suits of skin. They're nothing. Like you were nothing. You dip a finger into the open wound on his leg, and run a finger along a tendon, like a bow on a violin string. He screams that he'll tell you. You lean in, his tears sparkling from the glow of your eye sockets. It was the cleanest kill, he blubbers. Just enter the mark's name in the program. Day later, they're dead. Completely untraceable. The perfect crime. You break his nose on the H on your handplate. And Hammond?! Lowell whimpers that they made the parts. That's all. You decide to teach Lowell a thing or two about parts… starting with delivering Lowell's to his kids personally... before moving on to Hammond Robotics...
Battle Pass Level 73
Loadingscreen The Cycle.png
Season 4 Battle Pass The Cycle - Revenant
(4/5) You break the Hammond technician's spine on a bed of honeysuckle. He told you everything. How you're uploaded into a new shell upon death. Memories wiped. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Except hard drives are never really erased. And everyone knows, when you make a copy of a copy? Quality breaks down. Blood trickles from the tech's mouth. You've been there. Except you don't have blood. What was it then, that tasted like pennies when you took a right hook? You snicker. Of course. Your faceplate. It's copper-plated. Hah. Now that's funny. You ask the tech how long it's been. He points to a bloody file nearby. You scan it. Earliest Revenant upload was in 2445. 288 years ago... Your Dr. Frankensteins have been dead for over two centuries… a luxury you're not allowed. This is hell, and you're eternal. You wake the tech up. You're about to take 288 years of pent-up rage out on him. It's no fun if he isn't conscious...
Battle Pass Level 78
Loadingscreen No More Lies.png
Season 4 Battle Pass No More Lies - Revenant
(5/5) Now there are no more lies. And soon, no more Hammond. You target one Hammond facility after another. And the skin suits are too busy waging war to care. They blame the Militia, write the dead off as casualties of war. It's not really a lie. It's someone's war... just not theirs. When you slit the last employee's throat… now what? Whatever your heart desires, I suppose… except you don't have a heart, and all you desire is what you were programmed to do in the first place. Ain't that a bitch. Question: who gets to die next? Answer: Anybody you want. This is the Outlands, baby. There's no law. No order. And you're the boogeyman. Or, at least, you will be. Soon enough. So when somebody vanishes without a trace? That's you. When a murder goes unsolved? That's you. Your revenge isn't aimed at one person. It's aimed at every person. It's aimed at any person. An endless supply of skin suits, and so much time to kill. What are you waiting for, little simulacrum? Get to work...
Battle Pass Level 96
Wattson 3.jpg
Season 2 Battle Pass Inventive Spirit - Wattson
After the funeral, I stood in our kitchen, and it was so... quiet. I had dreamt of quiet like that, but now that I had it, I was terrified. And alone. I sat on the floor, and I know how silly this sounds, but I hid under the table. That was where they found me. Anita. Makoa. Ajay. Even Dr. Caustic, and he hates everybody. They’d just as soon stab each other in the back. Or the front. But they put that all aside. To support me. The electrician’s kid. I thought I knew what family was. But my equations were incomplete. My family is here. At the Games. And now it’s my turn to support them. With every last charge in me.
Battle Pass Level 54
Wraith wallpaper.png
Season 2 Battle Pass Liberation - Wraith
I’ve seen a world where I’m not a Legend… and I’ve seen a world where I am. We all make choices in our lives, every second, every day, and those choices...they define us, but they don’t control us. We are our future, not our past. No matter what choice you make, the world you’re in is the world you chose… Accept it. One day you’re a Legend, the next you’re something else. So be it, nothing will control me.
Battle Pass Level 44
Voidwalker loadingscreen.png
Voidwalker Voidwalker - Wraith
The following is a partially transcribed report discovered during construction of the Kings Canyon Apex Games 3.5.28:
On ____27, Security Guard Vart__ reported on record that an _______ trespasser infiltrated Kings Canyon facility ________ at 1900 hou__. We had be__ told the whole campus was cleared by order of ______ when we began ______. It's important to note ___ the trespasser used an unknown tech____ to _____. I haven't seen anything like ___ since my temporary assignment on p__net Typh__. We procee__ with our orders to completely _____ the entire underground ______ but request further instructions from A_R_ Div____. Who was she?
Challenge: Win one match in any mode during the Voidwalker Icon.svg Voidwalker event.
Loadingscreen Hammond Robotics Draft1.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Hammond Robotics (Draft1)
(PRESS STATEMENT - DRAFT 1) "From the Core Systems to the Outlands, Hammond Robotics has been at the forefront of innovation since its foundation by Dr. Heinrich Hammond in 2131. Our new Hammond Robotics is committed to leading the Outlands in extraordinary breakthrough solutions in colonial manufacturing, transportation, and security. Today, we are proud to introduce our new advanced development in energy distribution: the Hammond Robotics Planet Harvester." (PR Note 3-B: Don't be afraid to be boastful. We need to proudly remind the public the discovery of the Outlands wouldn't have been possible without HR. It is important to strategically deflect HR's involvement in the war and focus on the positive contributions. We must earn the public's trust. It's the only way to continue our [Transcription Damaged].
Battle Pass Level 08
Loadingscreen Dining with Dino.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Dining with Dino
Tenmei, the Outlands' most anticipated restaurant high above Psamathe, nestled in Olympus' fine dining district, has opened to an absolutely staggering amount of positive reactions - so I went to see what all the fuss was about. The atmosphere was warm and inviting; a cross between modern conceptualism, and au natural decor including a functional spring water reserve that runs throughout the restaurant (doubly surprising, considering Olympus' location). With exotic delicacies like Leviathan Stew to comfort food like Solace's Pio Burger, Tenmei delivers flavors even a tongueless robot would kill for. My friends, my readers... I think we've got ourselves a 5-Dino Bambino! My only warning is that this place caters to the higher-class clientele - even I'm probably going to have to place a few bets at the Thunderdome to afford my next visit. Kuben all the way!
Battle Pass Level 17
Loadingscreen Seasonal Special.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Seasonal Special
Today I was hired to work as a cook at the restaurant Tenmei on Psamathe (approximately). Exciting! I gave the chef a special Leviathan Stew recipe I learned from some nice soldiers on Solace. She says it is "provincial," which is correct – we were in the desert. I hope she lets me make it soon! Cube 1kg of leviathan meat and coat with a mixture of 30g flour, 5ml salt, 5ml pepper, and a pinch of cayenne. Brown the meat, then set aside. Chop and cook 450g bacon, then set aside. Cook 2 cloves minced garlic and 1 chopped onion in remaining fat, then deglaze pan with 60ml water. Add all ingredients, plus 475ml beef stock and 8ml brown sugar to a pot. Bring to a boil, then simmer for one hour. Add 3 medium cubed potatoes, 150g dried plums (customers don't like it when you call them \"prunes\", even if it is accurate), 5ml thyme, 5ml basil, 8ml rosemary, and 2 bay leaves. Simmer for 30 minutes until potatoes are soft. Garnish with fresh parsley.
Battle Pass Level 36
Loadingscreen Exhibit C.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Exhibit C
[Recovered from an unregistered transmission device possessed by one Marcos Andrade (deceased)]
051657: Mi vida 051657: I know you are going to argue 051657: But you can't argue with a surprise 237951: ... 237951: Marcos 237951: What did you do 051657: You remember that beautiful restaurant? The one on Olympus? There is a table for three waiting for us at 20:00 237951: !!!!! 237951: Thats too expensive 051657: But you know we can afford it 237951: Right NOW 237951: But what about tomorrow 051657: We have plenty to spare after that last job 051657: My girls deserve something special 051657: And my beautiful wife deserves a new dress 237951: ... 237951: <3
Battle Pass Level 42
Loadingscreen Just Business.png
Season 4 Battle Pass Just Business
[Excerpt from the "Word of Olympus" daily newscast] - Two of the victims have been identified as the evasive criminal couple Marcos and Alanza Andrade. Although there are few official records relating to the Andrades, arrest warrants from Gaean police officials and witness accounts obtained by the Word suggest that the Andrades were involved in a variety of robberies and burglaries throughout the Outlands. Their operations escalated in scale over the last decade, and officials claim that yesterday's violence was a result of a business deal gone awry. The assailant fled the scene and remains at large. Olympus officials are currently seeking information about the perpetrator's whereabouts, and have asked citizens to come forward with any information that could lead to their arrest.
Battle Pass Level 48
Loadingscreen Happy Holodays.png
Holo-Day Bash Happy Holo-Days!
Happy holidays from the Apex Legends team.
Challenge: Get to Top 10 5 times during the Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg Holo-Day Bash event.
Loadingscreen Grand Soiree.png
Grand Soirée The Grand Soirée
Thanks for playing in the Grand Soirée Arcade Event!
Earn 1500 Arcade Points during the Grand Soirée event.
Loadingscreen System Override.png
System Override System Override Earn 1500 Event Track Points during the System Override event.

Unobtainable Loading Screens[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Writer Manny Hagopian published an updated version of Mirage's porkchop recipe, since the in-game version uses incorrect amounts of ingredients.[1]

References[edit | edit source]