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Kings Canyon is a map for Apex Legends located in the planet Solace. It was the only map from the game's release until Season 3.svg Season 3 where it was replaced by World's Edge.

It featured an abundance of areas varying from military facilities to slums, with a river dividing it down the middle. It is an island filled with Creatures, and surrounded by water on all sides, with hazardous cliffs that drop to the sea level below.

Different versions of the map have been reused multiple times after its removal from the permanent playlist. A night-time version of the map was also made available during the Shadowfall limited-time mode and the Grand Soiree Icon.svg Grand Soirée event's Kings Canyon Nighttime game mode. Its Season 2.svg Season 2 incarnation is currently being used as the map for the second split of Ranked Series 3. Both the nighttime version and the Season 2 incarnation are back in the permanent playlist.

History[edit | edit source]

Once a simple settlement on the planet Solace dating back to the earliest expeditions to the Frontier, the island that is known as Kings Canyon, didn't thrive until a century later when the now-defunct IMC built several outposts centered around scientific research and development. In fact, it's rumored that the IMC conducted experiments using phase-shift technology here, although explorers have yet to find any evidence that proves this. To blow off steam, IMC soldiers station here would compete in gladiator-esque combat in an area they nicknamed 'Thunderdome'. Years later, when the Syndicate commissioned the rebuilding of the island of Kings Canyon as the home of their newest bloodsport, they insisted Thunderdome remain untouched - a tribute to the earliest known predecessor of what we know today as 'The Apex Games'

An EMP detonated by a mysterious figure in the Repulsor Tower allowed the nearby Flyers and Leviathans to invade the island. The Leviathans made their home in the river and caused the destruction of the settlements on it. The Legends were evacuated and the games put on hold due to the attack. This respite allowed the Syndicate to add new areas to the map, including a huge structure near the destroyed Bridges and Hydro Dam called The Cage and a camp near what was once the Cascades called Containment.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Image by /u/AaronThMi[1]. "Crate" = Supply Bin.
Name Loot Tier Description
Airbase High Airbase is located on the westernmost side of the map in close proximity to Runoff. A large spread out area separated by North/South runways, with airships and crates located at the ends of each, and a zipline connecting both sides. Assorted supply bins and buildings on the landside. Predominantly mid-range engagements.
Artillery Battery High Artillery is located on the northernmost part of the map. A large concrete base with multiple large buildings, surrounded by high walls. Mid to long-range engagement distances. 2 large main buildings, hangars, 2 tunnels, and a side extension at the end of one tunnel.
Artillery Tunnel Low
Artillery Underpass Low
Bunker High Bunker is a tunnel, located in the middle of the map that connects the village on River Central to the village on High Desert. It also has 3 supply bins near the entrance of each side.
Cage Normal Currently the tallest structure in the game not considered out-of-bounds, Cage is maze-like structure flanked on its western and northern sides by tunnel-like corridors.
Caves Low
Creature Containment Normal
Crossroads Low
Destroyed Bridges Normal A Leviathan is located in the center where the eponymous bridges used to be. A couple of structures are located on the eastern side of the area.
Destroyed Cascades Normal All but two buildings are left standing after the Leviathan invasion, with the Leviathan located in the center of the area.
East Settlement Low
The Farm Normal This area exists above Hillside Outpost and contains two buildings with a small underground tunnel located on the one near the Nesting Grounds.
Golden Sands Low
High Desert Low
Hillside Outpost Normal Hillside Outpost is an area located in-between Destroyed Cascades and The Farm with a couple of buildings nestled in a facility carved into the hill. This area was formerly a grassy, downhill area going to the Cascades in Season 1.svg Season 1 but has been developed since.
Hydro Dam Low The Hydro Dam is a huge area with varying connections to nearby locations. It has several buildings spread out over a large area and a large bunker with several floors that can be accessed by the large door out the front.
Interstellar Relay High Relay is situated in the north-east corner of the map. The area consists of a larger uncovered structure in its northeast featuring plentiful loot containers, as well as a series of buildings, interconnected by zip-lines, and separated by a river and bottomless chasm.
Singh Labs Normal A town takeover for the Voidwalker Icon.svg Voidwalker event. The exterior area of the Town Takeover, there is one small facility to the north of the giant portal while there is a bigger excavation camp around it. A huge door can also be accessed on the dig site, allowing access to the interior area.
Singh Labs Interior Normal A town takeover for the Voidwalker Icon.svg Voidwalker event. The area can be accessed in two ways, by the Giant Portal protruding from the external Singh Labs area and the giant door located near it.
Market Normal The Market is a completely indoors area with close-mid range engagements. It has several rooms with varying loot in each, as well as loot around the floor area, inside empty store parts and on top of the canvas roofs of the markets. It has two entrances at the top with zip-lines for easy access as well as several medium-sized doors on the upper level.
Nesting Grounds Low
Repulsor High The Repulsor is situated towards the South-East of the map. It contains three covered pits, and two larger multi-story buildings, as well as some smaller structures. In Season 2.svg Season 2, the eponymous Repulsor Tower has been destroyed by someone and crashed, and it is now on fire.
River's End Normal
River Center Normal River Center is an area dotted with medium to large shacks connected by ziplines straddling the riverside. The entrance to Bunker is located on the northernmost parts alongside the road to Hillside Outpost and the Nesting Grounds. The southern part of the area has roads leading to Golden Sands, the caves to Skull Town and a small path towards Destroyed Bridges. The area is colloquially called Bunkertown.
Runoff High The Runoff is a sewage treatment facility on the far west of the map. It is comprised mainly of several large buildings of two floors interconnected with bridges. Some circular rooms in the buildings contain zip-lines to navigate between the two floors.
Skull Town Normal Skull Town is a plus-shaped 4 lane area with multiple buildings and several levels to traverse. It is partially covered by a large animal skeleton that has several zip-lines connecting it to the town.
Slum Lakes Normal The Slum Lakes is a large town of shacks in the north-west corner of the map. The town is split by a wide trench containing two long industrial pipes and a zipline spanning the length of the area. It provides close access to Runoff and The Pit.
South Settlement Normal
Swamps High The Swamps are located on the easternmost portion of the map. This area features buildings raised on stilts above the mud, large partially submerged pipelines, and ziplines and bridges connecting large shacks. The northern area has a wooden bridge that extends across a sheer drop at the edge of the map, and the southern area provides access to Hydro Dam and Repulsor.
Thunderdome High Thunderdome is an area with caged structures connected by zip lines. This area features two grounded cage structures, connecting to a hanging cage, a spiral staircase tower, and loot areas surround a respawn beacon up the hill.
The Pit High The Pit is a small circular canyon arena situated in the north-west of the map, accessible only by three narrow paths. The area is level and clear, with only a few supply bins and crates for cover. Despite its open roof, Lifeline cannot call her Care Package while in The Pit.
Two Spires Normal
Watchtower North High
Watchtower South High
Water Treatment High Water Treatment is situated on the south coast of Kings Canyon. The main plant building lies at the southernmost cliff, with four sewage containers surrounding its north perimeter. The building has 4 main rooms connected to each other by corridors on the second floor. Aside from the building, loot can be found in supply bins outside the building on the south side and with occasional weapon spawns near the outer rings. This area has a nearby Respawn Beacon on the east side with 3 Supply Bins around it. A supply ship may land on its east or west landing platforms.
Waterfall Normal
Octane's Gauntlet Normal An Octane themed area with a track field with jump pads in it and a huge ramp in the middle with a flaming ring of fire.
Wetlands Normal Located near the northeastern side of the map, Wetlands consists of a few clusters of protected buildings overlooked by a number of protected rock vantage points. While not known for abundant loot, it can provide protection despite the surrounding high ground.

Former Locations[edit | edit source]

Name Loot Tier Description Current Location
Bridges Bridges is a small settlement located beyond the Caves near Skulltown and on the road going down from Hydro Dam in Season 1.svg Season 1. Destroyed Bridges
Cascades the Cascades is a small village located below the North Watchtower and The Farm in Season 1.svg Season 1. Destroyed Cascades
Shattered Forest The Shattered Forest is a large open location near the northern area of the map between Wetlands, The Farm, Swamps and Hydro Dam in Season 1.svg Season 1. Nesting Grounds
West Settlement Normal The West Settlement is a small cluster of buildings located north of Thunderdome, south of Airbase and west of Skull Town. It was in the game until the Iron Crown Icon.svg Iron Crown event where it was replaced. Octane's Gauntlet

Map features[edit | edit source]

Main article: Map Features
  • Zip-lines: Yellow highlighted zip-lines are set between certain locations across the map. Players can use them to travel between points across large distances and are activated with the Interact Key. They come in two variants: vertical, which only carry the player up; and horizontal, bi-directional lines that can carry players far distances. Players are able to drop off with the Jump Key and reconnect to zip-lines at any time. Zip-lines that are part of the map are permanently connected with tall zip-line poles or are connected directly into the environment. Horizontal zip-lines can be traveled across in either direction, regardless of incline. Also, note that Pathfinder is able to create zip-lines with his ultimate ability, but can only establish them up to a certain distance and only horizontally. Players cannot interact with zip lines while downed. Wraith cannot use zip-line while activating her ultimate or tactical ability, as both of her arms are occupied.
  • Balloons: High altitude red balloons, connected by a vertical zip-line, are scattered throughout the map. Interacting with one of these air balloons will send your legend up the zip line and automatically deploy your glide upon reaching the top, allowing you to traverse the map quickly. You can drop off of the balloon zip-line at any time by pressing the jump key, but this will not deploy your glide.
  • Doors: Metal doors typically come in single or double pairs, with large, unbreakable doors being present in certain areas (hangar doors on Hydro Dam, bunker doors on Bunker). Doors can be opened and closed by pressing the interact key, or by shooting the handle with Heavy Ammo weapons. Regular doors can open by being kicked open by using a melee attack on them and broken by melee twice. Bullets do not go through doors but doors can be destroyed by explosive damage.
  • Respawn Beacons: Respawn Beacons are scattered all across the map so that players may respawn dead teammates, as long as at least one squad member has retrieved their banner. Respawn beacons are a one-use feature but up to two team members may be respawned at once. Respawn Beacons can be used by any player, but once used, is deactivated for the rest of the match. These beacons are often surrounded by 1-3 supply bins in order to resupply the respawned teammate. To activate a beacon, hold the interact key while close to it, and after a few seconds teammate will be airlifted in. Unlike while looting a death box, the player cannot strafe while activating the beacon, much like reviving a downed teammate.
  • Hot Zone: At the start of each match, a random location on the map is designated as a Hot Zone, indicated by a pulsing blue circle marker. Indicating that, around that area, there will be higher quality loot and a chance of finding a legendary version of a stock weapon, which will have full legendary attachments and use regular ammo.
  • Supply Ship: At the start of the game a mobile supply ship travels to a random destination on the map (designated by a blue ship outline marker). The supply ship has an outer deck and an inner hallway and contains a small quantity of mid to high-tier loot.
  • Supply Bins: Found throughout the map, supply bins are a common source of loot alongside ground loot, supply drops, and the supply ship. These supply bins carry between 1 and 3 items ranging from healing items, grenades, armor, or weapons and their respective ammo. Ordnance is found in groups of 1 while ammo and heals can be found in stacks with the double of their original amounts.
  • Loot Ticks: Rare containers that must be destroyed to access their loot. Usually provides Epic or Legendary items. Emit an electronic chip/whir sound when nearby.
Main article: Creatures
  • Flyers: Flyers are creatures that can be eliminated to access a death box with randomized loot. Some of them are caged and will alert other players to your presence by emitting a loud roar.
  • Leviathans: Huge creatures that occasionally stomp the ground to kill anyone underneath it. Two of them are currently on the map, located on Destroyed Cascades and Destroyed Bridges. Leviathans have loot under their feet, which may lift up after receiving shots. Loot under a leviathan’s foot is like Russian roulette: the pool consists of a level 3 Body Shield, a Phoenix kit or a P2020/Mozambique

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