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The Jumpmaster icon.

The Jumpmaster is the player which leads the team's flight during the dropping stage. Players can relinquish being the Jumpmaster at any time before dropping. The team can only relinquish it a couple of times before someone is stuck with the role. Once a player has decided to jump from the dropship, the jumpmaster position cannot be changed.

Players can split off from the team to avoid dropping with the Jumpmaster.

The jumpmaster is the one that says the quip when jumping off the ship. They are in control of the flight of the players that have not chosen to Solo drop.

The jumpmaster icon appears during the stage in which players choose their characters, indicated by a downward triangle with white markings of a crown and arrow. During the launching stage the colors of the symbol change depending on the jet pack color of the team launching.

When the jumpmaster pings a location on the map, the jumpmaster icon will also appear, as a marker for the destination they have chosen.

Jumpmaster Selection[edit | edit source]

By default, the game will make the last player that selects a Legend to become the Jumpmaster, indicated by the jumpmaster icon next to their name. To minimize the possibility of an inactive Jumpmaster, the game will set the last player to actively select their Legend as the Jumpmaster. If all players do not actively select a Legend, the last player to 'select' will stay as Jumpmaster.