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Hop-Up attachments are special weapon attachments that greatly impact the weapon's performance. Weapons can only equip one at a time. The available hop-ups change each season.

Available Hop-Ups[edit | edit source]

Season Hop-Ups
Season 8.svg
Season 8
Season 7.svg
Season 7
Season 6.svg
Season 6
Season 5.svg
Season 5
Season 4.svg
Season 4
Season 3.svg
Season 3
Season 2.svg
Season 2
Season 1.svg
Season 1

List of Hop-Ups[edit | edit source]

Anvil Receiver[edit | edit source]

Anvil Receiver.svg
Valid for the VK-47 Flatline and the R-301 Carbine.

The Anvil Receiver hop-up increases semi-auto damage, but the single fire uses 2 ammo per shot while the rate of fire is reduced. The single-fire damage multiplier is 2.5x for the R-301 Carbine and 2.25x for the VK-47 Flatline.

Skullpiercer Rifling[edit | edit source]

Skullpiercer Rifling.svg
Valid for the Longbow DMR and the Wingman.

The Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up increases the weapon's headshot multiplier: the Wingman from 2.0x to 2.25x and the Longbow from 2.0x to 2.5x.

Turbocharger[edit | edit source]

Valid for the Devotion LMG and the HAVOC Rifle.

The Turbocharger hop-up removes the need for the weapons to charge up; either it removes the delay to fire or it instantly increases a weapon's rate of fire so it reaches the maximum much faster.

Hammerpoint Rounds[edit | edit source]

Hammerpoint Rounds.svg
Valid for the P2020 and the Mozambique Shotgun.

The Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up greatly increases damage to unshielded targets: 2.35x for the P2020 and 2.26x for the Mozambique.

Quickdraw Holster[edit | edit source]

Quickdraw Holster.svg
Valid for the Wingman and the RE-45 Auto.

The Quickdraw Holster hop-up reduces the weapon's swap time, ADS time, and hip-fire spread.

Double Tap Trigger[edit | edit source]

Double Tap Trigger.svg
Was valid for the G7 Scout and the EVA-8 Auto.

Removed in Season 8.svg Season 8, the Double Tap Trigger hop-up granted an alternative burst fire mode. As the name suggests, two shots were fired per trigger pull.

Disruptor Rounds[edit | edit source]

Disruptor Rounds.svg
Was valid for the Alternator SMG and the RE-45 Auto.

Removed in Season 3.svg Season 3, Disruptor Rounds increased damage to shielded targets. The damage multiplier differed with each weapon: the Alternator had a multiplier of 1.55x and the RE-45 Auto had a multiplier of 1.7x.

Precision Choke[edit | edit source]

Precision Choke.svg
Was valid for the Peacekeeper and the Triple Take.

Removed in Season 6.svg Season 6, the Precision Choke hop-up greatly reduces the gun's spread by aiming down sights, up to three levels. The Peacekeeper stays charged for a little bit and slowly loses the precision after the player stops aiming down sights while the Triple Take loses the charge immediately after.

This hop-up is now integrated into these weapons, and can be toggled on and off using the fire select button.

Selectfire Receiver[edit | edit source]

Selectfire Receiver.svg
Was valid for the HAVOC Rifle and the Prowler Burst PDW.

Removed in Season 7.svg Season 7, Selectfire Receiver hop-up grants an alternative fire mode: It allowed the Prowler to fire full-auto and the HAVOC to fire a single hit-scan laser.

The hop-up is now integrated into the Prowler and can be toggled between burst and full-auto by using the fire-select button.

Special Hop-Ups[edit | edit source]

Graffiti Mod[edit | edit source]

Graffiti Mod.svg
Was valid for the M600 Spitfire.

Available during the Always Be Closing Evolved game mode to tease Season 6.svg Season 6 and Rampart, the Graffiti Mod increases magazine size by 15% and reload speed by 25%, also it allows paint-loaded rounds. The paint colors can be yellow, green, or purple.

This Hop-Up was accidentally leaked early in the first Hunt of "The Broken Ghost" quest, where it spawned in one of the loot bins.

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