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Grenades are throwable explosives that can be found as items. There are currently three types of grenades; the Frag Grenade, the Thermite Grenade, and the Arc Star.

Grenades can be accessed by holding G or Right. You can then use the fire button on PC, RT for XBOX or R2 for the PS4 to aim and throw.

Frag Grenade[edit | edit source]

Frag Grenade.svg Frag Grenade
Type Throwables
Ignition Time 4 seconds
Description Frag Grenades are throwable ordnance that explode shortly after being thrown, dealing up to 100 damage depending on the proximity of the target to the grenade. It also deals 10 damage on impact with the grenade itself.

  • The explosion is able to destroy doors.
  • You may only hold up to one Frag Grenades per inventory slot.

  • Frag Grenades also can bounce or roll on the environment before detonating. This can be used to hit enemies around a corner
  • Frag Grenades can be used to force enemies out of cover.
  • Looking up and throwing a Frag Grenade directly up in sky will have it fall directly back where you're currently standing in the next 3 seconds and explode on impact. This is great if you're outside a door and someone is about to break it down on the opposite side or do this if you're being chased while running.

Thermite Grenade[edit | edit source]

Thermite Grenade.svg Thermite Grenade
Type Throwables
Ignition Time Contact with ground
Description An impact grenade that explodes into a fiery horizontal line upon contact, applying a 25 damage-over-time burn effect to all those affected.

  • It can cause damage to doors.
  • It ignores Knockdown Shields health and will damage the health of those affected.
  • You may only hold up to one Thermite Grenade per inventory slot.

  • It can be useful to seal off an enclosed area such as a doorway to prevent enemies from pushing a position, as well as a mild way to break the line of sight of an enemy.
  • If an enemy is body blocking a door, you can throw a Thermite at the bottom of the door. It will destroy the door and burn the enemy.
  • Thermites burn horizontally, remember this to make sure you can maximize the effectiveness of your thermite.

Arc Star[edit | edit source]

Arc Star.svg Arc Star
Type Throwables
Ignition Time 2.8 seconds
Description Arc Stars are throwable ordnance which is able to stick to surfaces and explode with arc energy. Deals 70 damage and slows enemies for 5 seconds.

  • Arc Stars do damage on impact.
  • If the Arc Star sticks to an enemy and has shields, those will be disabled entirely while unshielded players will be downed immediately.
  • The explosion is also able to destroy doors.
  • You may only hold up to one Arc Stars per inventory slot.

  • The explosion's "splash" damage decreases with distance from the Arc Star itself so plan accordingly.
  • If you come across extra armor such as Purple or Gold and you or your squad don't need it, equip an Arc Star, look at your feet and throw the Arc Star on the ground. You'll break your armor, but now you can swap to the new extra armor. Thus, leaving a broken armor on the ground for an enemy to potentially pick up or be forced to heal it.
  • If Crypto is part of your squad, you can perform what is known as "Arc Star Play". The act of sticking an Arc Star to the Surveillance Drone and then quickly piloting the drone into the enemies, it'll blow up damaging and possibly knocking or killing them.

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