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Disambig.png This article is about the event. For the animated short that the event was based on, see Stories from the Outlands#Fight Night.
Fight Night Badge

Fight Night is a Collection Event for Season 7.svg Season 7 that runs from January 05, 2021 to January 19, 2021.

Town Takeover[edit | edit source]

Pathfinder’s Fight Night Ring is an oval amphitheatre with a boxing ring at its center. Entering the ring will prevent any player from using their weapons and any of their abilities. The ring’s force field will also prevent any type of outside ring interference - like projectiles, grenades, or abilities.

The only way to harm an enemy inside the ring is via melee hits. Inside it, there are loot balls that drop rare items when punched out too.

Airdrop Escalation Takeover[edit | edit source]

Airdrop Escalation Badge

Airdrop Escalation Takeover is a new game type available during this event, temporarily replacing normal Play Apex. It is similar to Play Apex, but with significantly more supply drops that drop in clusters. Each Care Package contains gear and weapons of a tier that depends on the round: Round 1 care packages contains Level 2 gear and fully kitted weapons, Round 2 care packages contain Level 3 gear and fully kitted weapons, Round 3 care packages contain Level 4 gear and fully kitted weapons, and Round 4 care packages contain Level 5 Evo Shield.svg Evo Shields and supply drop weapons. The fully kitted weapons come with two full stacks of the appropriate ammo. As with regular fully kitted weapons, the attachments cannot be removed. Regular weapons and Season 7.svg Season 7 Fully kitted weapons still appear as ground loot.

Round Tier Gear Weapons
1 Rare
Level 2
2 Epic
Level 3
3 Legendary
Level 4
4 Heirloom
Level 5

Prize track[edit | edit source]

Fight Night Prize Track

This event continues to utilize the Prize Track system, and the maximum amount of points you can get is 5000.

Prize track rewards[edit | edit source]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins

Weapon Charm
Loading Screen

Fight Night Collection[edit | edit source]

The Fight Night Collection is a set of 24 cosmetics exclusive to the event. The collection cosmetics can be obtained by:

  • Purchasing event-exclusive Fight Night packs for Apex Coins 700 which will give out one collection cosmetic and two cosmetics from the normal loot table.
  • Unlocking using Crafting Metals 2,400 for Legendary items and Crafting Metals 800 for Epic items.
  • By direct purchase from the Store: Apex Coins 1,800 for Legendary items and Apex Coins 1,000 for Epics.

Completion of the Aftermarket Collection allows the player to unlock Gibraltar's Heirloom Set before it is included in the normal Apex Packs loot table.

Collection cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins
Weapon Charms
Banner Poses
Skydive Emotes

Crossed Swords

Kickin' It

Store special offers[edit | edit source]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins
Weapon Charms
  • Stoic Beast - Apex Coins 500
  • Heart Of Darkness - Apex Coins 500
  • Striking Beauty - Apex Coins 500

Bundles[edit | edit source]

This bundle costs Apex Coins 2,500.

Legend Skins
Weapon Charm
Kill Quip
  • Pathfinder Kill Quip: "I learned that from an old friend"

This bundle costs Apex Coins 5,000.

Legend skins
Event Packs

This bundle costs Apex Coins 2,500.

Legend skins
Event Packs

This bundle costs Apex Coins 1,800.

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins