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There are many types of Creatures in Apex Legends. Some can be met and interacted with while in-game while some serve as a way to flesh out the game's lore.

In-Game Creatures[edit | edit source]

Flyers[edit | edit source]

Flyer Anatomy.

Flyers, scientific name Volaticus locustodraco, are the dragon-like creatures flying or nesting around Kings Canyon. They were added into the game in the weeks leading up to Season 2.svg Season 2.

They hover or nest around certain spots in the map and when shot drops a death box of a player from the shooter's friends list (If the shooter has no friends, a Dev's box will be shown) with Rare or Epic or Legendary loot. They do not attack when shot but they can be killed.

Leviathans[edit | edit source]

A Leviathan.
Native to the Frontier, Leviathans roam the majority of planets that contain rich vegetation. Although classified as omnivores by the IMC's Animal & Wildlife Research Division, these 400-meter tall creatures mainly consume fruits and vegetables as their primary diet. The majestic Leviathan may seem intimidating due to its gigantic size, but they are hardly aggressive; considered only dangerous when near highly populated areas due to the overwhelming power of their movements. To protect research facilities, cities, and colonies near Leviathan territories, the IMC developed Repulsor Towers (Dog-whistle towers) to emit high-frequency sounds that only Leviathans could hear, which kept the creatures at a safe distance. However, if a tower were to fall, please evacuate quickly - your life may depend on it.

Leviathans are located offshore from Kings Canyon, though from Season 2.svg Season 2 until Season 5.svg Season 5 they were located inside the arena, standing in the destroyed remnants of Cascades and Bridges in Kings Canyon. They were essentially harmless, but you had to watch out for their feet, as you only have a small amount of time between when they pick them up and they put them back down again.

Bin Spiders[edit | edit source]

A Bin Spider.

Bin Spiders hide in Supply Bins during the Shadowfall and Shadow Royale game modes. They will hide in Supply Bins and when killed, drop supplies. They can also be pinged by legends for unique quotes

Prowlers[edit | edit source]

A Prowler.

Prowlers are medium-sized, lion-like creatures found on various planets throughout the Outlands. The population of Prowlers exploded on World's Edge after the Syndicate cleared out the bigger predators once roaming the area.

Prowlers can be fought in Bloodhound's Trials and in the Hunts.

Creatures in Lore[edit | edit source]

Goliath[edit | edit source]

Goliaths are, true to their name, huge, horned creatures currently only seen on Talos.

Bloodhound's uncle Artur was killed by one after the young Bloodhound accidentally found its lair while conducting their rite of passage.

Scarabaeidae Arachnia[edit | edit source]

Scarabaeidae Aracnia is a type of spider generally found in the Amelia Mountain Range on the planet Gaea. This spider’s toxic gas is of very close makeup to Caustic’s Nox Gas.