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Cosmetics are content that you can acquire and use to further customize your game. These content range from weapon and legend skins and finishers to music packs. These items are entirely cosmetic and do not grant any competitive advantages.

They can be acquired from Apex Pack Icon.png Apex Packs, purchased directly with Crafting Metals.svg Crafting Metals through the skin menu, or sometimes purchased from the Store with Apex Coins.svg Apex Coins, Legend Tokens.svg Legend Tokens or Heirloom Shards.svg Heirloom Shards.

Rarities[edit | edit source]

Cosmetics come in 5 rarities, each of which has a different cost associated with it:

  • Common which cost Crafting Metals 30.
  • Rare which cost Crafting Metals 60 or Apex Coins 500 when purchased from the Store.
  • Epic which cost Crafting Metals 400 or Apex Coins 1,000 when purchased from the Store.
  • Legendary which cost Crafting Metals 1,200 or Apex Coins 1,800 when purchased from the Store.
  • Heirloom which cost Heirloom Shards 150.

Categories[edit | edit source]

  • Legend Skins and Weapon Skins: Skins that change the appearance of your legend or weapon. Common skins have flat coloration, Rare skins have more complex patterns, Epic skins have animated patterns, and Legendary skins alter the model.
  • Melee Weapon Skins: Cosmetics that add a melee weapon to a legend. These are only available as Heirlooms, you can equip these in the skins menu for the legend you unlocked the Heirloom for.
  • CosmeticIcon Charms.png Weapon Charms: Small trinkets that can be attached to the side of a weapon.
  • CosmeticIcon Skydive Emote.png Skydive Emotes: Adds emotes that can be performed while skydiving. These equip automatically, and if you have multiple for one legend, they can be selected with the emote wheel.
  • Skydive Trails: Changes the trail you leave behind you while skydiving. These are only obtained as rewards for certain Ranked Leagues ranks.
  • Finishers: Cosmetics that change your finisher animation.
  • Banner cosmetics: Alters the banner that appears when assembling your squad, or in-game on banner screens.
    • CosmeticIcon Banner Frame.png Banner Frames: Changes the background of the banner. Common and Rare stay inside the frame, Epic sticks out of the frame, and Legendary frames have animation.
    • Banner Poses: Changes your legend's pose. Common and Rare poses are static while Epic and Heirloom poses are animated.
    • CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badges: Diamond-shaped icons to indicate your accomplishments. Up to three can be equipped.
    • CosmeticIcon Stat Tracker.png Stat Trackers: Counters that display legend-specific statistics. Common trackers are available for any legend, while Rare trackers are legend-specific or seasonal.
  • CosmeticIcon Quip.png Quips: Quips are voice lines that your legends say either when a player eliminates another player, a player is introduced as champion or when it is manually activated using the Quip Wheel.
    • CosmeticIcon Quip.png Intro Quips: The voice line that plays when you are announced as the Champion before the start of a match.
    • CosmeticIcon Quip.png Kill Quips: The voice line that plays when you kill someone, just before they begin spectating their teammates or you.
  • CosmeticIcon Loading Screen.png Loading Screens: Images that are displayed when the game is loading into a match.
  • CosmeticIcon Music.png Music Packs: Changes the music that is played throughout the lobby and on matches.
  • CosmeticIcon Holo-Sprays.png Holo-Sprays: A cosmetic that lets you throw a hologram of your selected character on the ground.