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The Battle Pass is a system that offers players rewards for playing and completing challenges during a predetermined period of time called a "season".

Types[edit | edit source]

There are two types of Passes available that can be purchased in the Battle Pass tab:

Battle Pass[edit | edit source]

Cost: Apex Coins 950

Unlock premium rewards up to the current Battle Pass level.

Battle Pass Bundle[edit | edit source]

Cost: Apex Coins 2,800

Get the Battle Pass, and unlock the next 25 levels for the season instantly. If you have already played through the Battle Pass, purchasing this bundle will add twenty-five levels to your current Battle Pass level. For example, if you are a Level 10, buying the bundle will add 25 levels, making you level 35 in the Battle Pass. Cannot be purchased as soon as you reach level 76, because you cannot buy levels after level 100.

Progression & Rewards[edit | edit source]

There are two main systems for Battle Pass progression. One that was in effect from Season 2.svg Season 2 to Season 6, and one from Season 7 onward.

Season 7+ System[edit | edit source]

While playing, you will receive Challenge Stars.png Stars. For each XP you get, you will gain the same amount of stars. You also gain stars by completing challenges or picking up treasure packs. By accumulating enough Challenge Stars.png Stars you gain Challenge BP Level.png Battle Pass levels that will then unlock the rewards set for that level. The number of stars required to get a Challenge BP Level.png Battle Pass level increases each time you gain a level (excluding those earned directly through challenges), beginning at 9.000, ending at 54.000 (will not increase after this amount), resetting every week. As soon as you purchase the premium Battle pass, you can purchase levels with Apex Coins. You cannot purchase levels after level 100. Battle Pass levels per season are capped at 100 with a bonus 10 levels that give you an exclusive reactive Legendary skin. Battle Pass rewards are exclusive to that season and will not come back again, letting you keep "your OG status".

Season 2 - 6 System[edit | edit source]

In Season 2.svg Season 2, Challenges were introduced allowing players to gain Battle Pass levels faster by doing specific tasks in-game. These challenges are divided into Daily and Weekly challenges. Some challenges outright grant a level while others give out stars.

General Battle Pass Reward Info[edit | edit source]

Rewards are divided into two tiers: the Free and the Premium tier. All players can get the rewards from the Free tier of the Battle Pass while items behind the Premium tier are only for players who purchased that season's battle pass. Rewards include Legend and Weapon skins, Banner Frames, Badges, Skydive Emotes, Loading Screens and Music Packs. The Premium tier also grants players enough Apex Coins Apex Coins to purchase the next season's Battle Pass and enough Crafting Metals Crafting Metals to craft a Legendary cosmetic.

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